Will Mackenzie is one of two playable protagonists in The Long Dark.

Will Mackenzie works as a pilot for Jackrabbit Remote Transport prior to the First Flare event. After hesistantly accepting to fly his ex-wife Astrid Greenwood out to Great Bear Island, his plane goes crashing down into the Northern Canadian Wilderness of Great Bear Island after a mysterious geomagnetic storm knocks out all power to his instrument panel.

Stranded far from the closest human habitation -- lost, wounded and alone -- Mackenzie will have to quickly master basic wilderness survival skills if he's to last long enough to understand what he just witnessed, and how his world has just changed.

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Will Mackenzie was a bush pilot prior to the "First Flare" event, a geomagnetic disaster that brought modern civilization to its knees.

Players will experience the story mode through both Astrid Greenwood's and Will's point of view.

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Through the course of Episode 1, we learn that Mackenzie was married to Astrid Greenwood. The two separated some time ago, but both still wear their wedding rings. It is implied that they had a child together who had passed away. Mackenzie also used to have an alcohol problem that he claims is under control now.

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Story here -- After waking up and recovering from the plane crash 5 days after the First Flare occured, Mackenzie makes his way out of the ravine he was stuck in, looking for Astrid. He finds his way to a road leading him to the Town of Milton.

He arrives to find the town abandoned. He meets Grey Mother in her home after she fires a warning shot at him. She explains to him how all the residents have fleed after being afraid of getting trapped in the town after a storm rolled in. After she tasks Mackenzie with fetching her firewood and food she explains to him how the power went out and people started to get cold, hungry and scared and eventually fled. She mentions how Astrid passed through the town with "angry voices" and tells Mackenzie to go investigate the tunnel at the end of the road.

Mackenzie arrives at the tunnel to find it blocked off due to an avalanche and a crashed prison transport bus with signs of Astrid. In the bus the word "Perserverance" is written on the floor is what is presumed to be blood. Mackenzie goes back to Grey Mother, she gives him one final task, to visit the old farmhouse and retreive a key to her lockbox in the bank. After Mackenzie retreives her safety deposit box he finds out it was all for a portion of jewelery special to Grey Mother. She tells him to bring the pearls to "Lily" at the graveyard. At first Mackenzie is confused but eventually realizes that Lily was Grey Mother's deceased daughter. Upon returning to her she tells him her story about how her daughter died. Grey Mother gives Mackenzie the key to her daughter's trunk where he finds climbing equipment. She tells him how to leave the area and to leave her behind.

Mackenzie gives his farewells to Grey Mother and leaves Milton through the back mountains. His rope snaps on the way down but he recovers and continues on to a cave. Upon entering and going through the cave he finds his way to Mystery Lake where he encounters Jeremiah, the old Trapper, being attacked by the Old Bear. He grabs the Trapper's Rifle and fires at the Old Bear, ending the Episode.

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Story here -- After helping Jeremiah to his cabin and healing him up. Mackenzie awaits the Old Trapper's awakening. After Jeremiah wakes up, he tells Mackenzie to go search for better medication at the Carter Hydro Dam.

Mackenzie makes his way to old Carter Dam where he learns that it's been abandoned for a while. He finds the Control Room to be locked and that it needs power to be turned on. Mackenzie finds the meds and returns to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah awakens once again, after Mackenzie gives him the meds he assures Will that the only way they'll survive is if they kill the Old Bear. Mackenzie then asks him if he saw the Aurora when the First Flare event happened. Jeremiah says he has never seen anything like it before and that the wildlife has been acting strangely. Jeremiah proposes that the two help eachother survive. After realizing Mackenzie's shot damaged his rifle, Jeremiah tasks Will with travelling to the Maintenance Yard in Broken Railroad to fix his rifle.

Mackenzie travels to the Maintenence Shed and fixed his rifle. After accidentely falling over a dead survivor he finds a note from a group called the Forest Talkers leading to a Hunting Lodge not too far away. After leaving the Maintenence Shed he passes out due to hitting his head on the table. He awakens to see electronics turning on and the Aurora in the sky. He witnesses the wolves and their fear of the lights being active. After making his way to the Lodge he finds his own Hunting Rifle and a Flashlight.

Mackenzie then travels back to Jeremiah. Jeremiah declines Mackenzie offer to leave and suggest Jeremiah's Survival School as a means to help Mackenzie learn to survive.

After Mackenzie gathers various resources and completes various tasks, Jeremiah gives Mackenzie his knife. He then tells Mackenzie how to face the Old Bear. After hesitating a bit, Mackenzie cuts his hand giving the scent of blood away. The Old Bear makes his way to Trapper's Homestead and Mackenzie faces him off. After chasing the Old Bear around Mystery Lake he finally finishes him off. He cuts off the Old Bear's ear and makes his way back to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah tells him that it was all because he wanted to be sure Mackenzie would be able to make it in order to do something for him. Relay a message. Jeremiah tells Mackenzie about his old friend Atwood near Perserverance Mills and an important message that he needs to receive. That message is Wintermute. Soon after they say their goodbyes and Mackenzie is on his way to the Dam. Jeremiah reveals a secret hatch revealing a Ham Radio under the floor, unknown to Mackenzie.

When Mackenzie reaches the Dam when the Aurora in the sky he encounters Methuselah who invites him to sit by the fire and talk a bit. He warns Mackenzie about the changes the world is going through and how humanity is paying the price. Mackenzie is confused but soon realizes the answer to the question "How Far Will You Go to Survive?"

He leaves Methuselah behind and enters the Dam. He makes his way through the Dam into the back room where he is hit on the head and knocked out. He awakens to find Mathis standing there, he begins to interrogate and punch Mackenzie, questioning him about Astrid's locked case. Mackenzie responds with some snarky comments just before Mathis reveals he may have encountered Astrid. After responding with desperation, Mathis picks up a hatchet and knocks him out. Ending Episode 2.

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