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A monster blizzard is on the way. Will you be ready when it arrives?
In-game description

Whiteout is one of eight challenges in The Long Dark.


The storm arrives in 30 days. Stockpile enough food, water, and supplies in the Coastal Highway Quonset Garage before it hits.
In-game instructions

The objective of the challenge is to locate and retrieve all of the items listed in the journal during the allotted 30 days.

White Out Start.png

The survivor spawns inside the Quonset Gas Station with 2000 calories, fully rested, fully warm, and with no thirst. The survivor's inventory has a bedroll, low grade clothing, and some other miscellaneous items.

A revolver, revolver ammunition, and an energy drink can spawn in the gas station. There are cardboard and wooden boxes that can be broken down, a toilet that contains a small amount of potable water, two work benches, a fire barrel, and a bed along with the normal container-type objects (e.g., metal shelves, filing cabinets, lockers).

As the challenge progresses, the weather gets harsher and hostile animals spawn in greater numbers. Initially however, conditions may still be challenging. Although predator spawns may be less common in the beginning, the player's lack of weapons (unless a revolver and ammunition spawned in the gas station) and protective clothing mean the relatively high density of wolves (and possibly a bear) near Quonset Garage can be deadly. Extra caution is required when entering and leaving the garage or when searching the area for supplies.

Note that the player does not have to survive the prophesied blizzard nor the entire allotted 30 days. Once all the items on the list are inside the gas station, the challenge ends.

There is a new section called "Almanac" which will tell the player the likelihood of a blizzard, as well as its intensity, on a scale from 1 to 5. This is similar to the Saffir-Simpson wind scale used to measure the strength of hurricanes.


All of the following Items are required to complete the challenge:

Whiteout journal list.jpg


Items can be dropped onto the floor of the gas station or put inside containers in the gas station to be counted. Items in the survivor's inventory are not counted. The journal contains a live count; items removed from the gas station will be subtracted from the list progress. If the player is struggling to find resources, a trip to the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain will provide everything necessary to complete the challenge.


The list does not seem to care whether meat is ruined or not so long as it is not picked up and placed back down.

One day's worth of food translates to roughly 3000 calories. Drinks such as sodas will contribute to the count, but boxes of tea and coffee tins will not unless they are prepared into Cup of herbal tea or Cup of coffee. Reishi tea, Rose hip tea and Birch bark tea do count as calories for purposes of food. Lots of food can be found in the houses around the region, but this will not be enough to complete the challenge. Killing a moose or bear will provide ample food, and more can be found in the houses at Thomson's Crossing and the Crash Site in Pleasant Valley.


Softwood/hardwood includes cedar firewood and fir firewood, but not firelogs. Reclaimed wood is easily obtained from the pallets outside the garage, while sticks and limbs are common throughout the forest around the Coastal Townsite.

Weapons and ammunition[]

Rifle cartridges may be loaded into the hunting rifle or unloaded. If there aren't enough cartridges in Coastal Highway, sufficient numbers can usually be found in Desolation Point or Pleasant Valley.


Lantern fuel that is within the storm lantern counts toward the lantern fuel requirement. If the player does not have enough, fishing near the garage will yield more lamp oil.


If the player can't find a hatchet, it may be easier to head to Desolation Point and forge an improvised hatchet at The Riken, as the improvised hatchet can be substituted for a regular one in the challenge. The Heavy hammer required for forging the hatchet can usually be found either at The Riken or nearby in Hibernia Processing.