You've managed to prevent starvation for 72 consecutive hours. You're full of energy and can carry more gear. You're also better able to face the physical trials ahead -- your Condition is increased as a result.
In-game description

Well Fed is a positive affliction gained by avoiding starvation.   

Overview[edit | edit source]

The affliction activates when the player has managed to avoid starvation (calorie count at 0) for 72 hours (three full days). When this is achieved, the player character will get a 5% buff to Condition (capping it at 105%) and increased carrying capacity by 5 kilograms (11 lbs.) The effects stack with a moose-hide satchel, meaning that having both Well Fed and the satchel adds 10 kg (22 lbs).

Starvation will remove the affliction and its effects (if active), as well as reset the 72-hour timer. This is a mechanic designed to counteract the benefits of hibernation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This affliction was added in the 2018 December Update and is the fourth positive affliction in the game (the other three being warming up, improved rest and fatigue reduced) being the only one not requiring the consumption of specific food items to activate as well as the only one not having a set effect duration.

Positive Energy BoostFatigue reducedImproved restRestore ConditionWarming upWell Fed
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