Water that may make you ill.
In-game description

Unsafe Water is impure water from melted snow in The Long Dark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Consuming Unsafe Water restores Thirst, like Potable Water, but has a chance to infect the player with Dysentery; a serious and fatal disease if untreated.

Unsafe water can be created by melting snow at an active fire's Cooking Spot, and takes 20 minutes to melt one liter (0.26 gal). Gathering snow is done automatically, though the player must supply a Recycled Can or Cooking Pot to contain the snow as it melts into water.

  • Water is relatively heavy at 1kg/L and can quickly overburden the player in large quantities.
  • Water always remains at 100% condition and does not decay.
  • Water left outside will not freeze, or become unsafe once sterilized.
  • It is almost exclusively obtained by by melting snow, and only found naturally at the Quonset Garage (contained within a metal basin indoors).
  • Dehydration deals 2% condition loss per hour if not sated.

For the effects of drinking water on thirst reduction, see Thirst.

Purification[edit | edit source]

Unsafe water can be turned into Potable Water through boiling or purifying:

  • Boiling 1L of Unsafe Water requires 20 minutes at an active fire's Cooking Spot.
  • Purification Tablets can be consumed to convert up to 1L of Unsafe Water into an equivalent amount of Potable Water. They can be found in the "Medical" tab of the Inventory, and then selecting "Use" while carrying them and the Unsafe Water. This sterilization process takes 1 minute (in-game). Alternatively, select "Purify Water" while in the fire menu. Note that a fire/Cooking Spot is not actually required to use purification tablets.

Bottles of unsafe and potable water of varied sizes

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Water requires no container to carry, and despite displaying as a jug in the inventory, will appear as a water bottle when dropped.

  • Quantities up to 0.50L will appear as a small plastic bottle.
  • Quantities between 0.5L and 1.0L will appear as a large bottle.
  • Quantities in excess of 1.0L will be divided into multiple 1.0L bottles, potentially with a smaller bottle as the remainder.

Note: Unsafe and Potable water bottles are identical in appearance, and similar in one's inventory. Take care when dropping bottles of Unsafe Water that they are not close to bottles of Potable Water, to prevent accidental drinkage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Water drawn from Toilets always yields Potable Water and never Unsafe Water, regardless of where on a Toilet one selects; this suggests water is only drawn from the Toilet's reservoir tank which is used to flush waste and not the bowl where waste arrives.

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