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Warmth is one of the four essential needs. Warmth is a measure of the temperatures the player is exposed to. The player's warmth drains when the temperature the character experiences dips below 0°C (32°F) and is regained when it is above. Exposure to the elements is the main reason for loss of warmth and can be countered by staying indoors, having good clothing, being near a fire, and by consuming hot food and drinks. Warmth will also deplete completely immediately if you fall into freezing water. When warmth is depleted, condition starts to rapidly deplete and is able to kill within hours. This makes warmth the most critical need to satisfy.

Gaining and losing warmthEdit

On the Survival page, below the Needs Bars, is the temperature readout. The most critical piece of information there is feels like temperature. This is the key to maintaining warmth. As long as it is greater than 0°C (32°F) the character will be gaining warmth and if it is below 0°C (32°F), losing it. How quickly warmth is gained or lost is directly proportional to how far from freezing the character is feeling.

Warmth bar Edit

Warmth bar progresses from Freezing ^ Numb ^ Cold ^ Chilled ^ Warm. Chevrons point either up or down in the bar to indicate which direction it is filling with more chevrons meaning faster progress.

The character has full warmth when the bar is full and is freezing when the bar is empty. The amount of time the bar takes to fill or deplete depends on the temperature. See more.

On interloper difficulty the temperature breaks are significantly reduced (see tables below) meaning a one hour warm to freezing temperature of just -9°C compared to -15°C in Stalker. The rate at warmth loss is also not linear and makes the 1st temperature break far more significant and therefore every degree within the 1st chevron bracket much more important.

Its also important to realise that the brackets are a sliding scale and the tables below are only true for that temperature. for instance, in interloper difficulty, a temperature of -8°C (a single down chevron 'v' on the HUD) does not mean you can stay out for 15 hours but actually a full warmth bar will deplete in just over 1 hour of in game time (5 minutes of real time).

In V1.15 the only way to check the 'feels like' temperature is to open the character status window (default 'f' key) however it should be a valuable source of information as a single chevron on the HUD could well represent the ability to stay out for hours, or a mere matter of minutes.

Length of Time from Warm to Freezing for different feels like Temperatures (Interloper):

Time Temp Chevrons
15 hour -1°C v
1 hour -9°C vv
30 min -18°C vvv

Length of Time from Warm to Freezing for different feels like Temperatures (Stalker):

Time Temp Chevrons
15 hour -1°C v
1 hour -15°C vv
30 min -30°C vvv

Hot foods and drinks Edit

Hot foods and drinks can be used for extra warmth. When consumed, they bestow both a boost to the warmth bar and a buff to make the character feel warmer for a short time. This boost can be used to stave off freezing for a short time when conditions do not allow for a full warm-up. See Hot.

Affecting condition Edit

When the warmth bar is empty (called 'freezing'), condition begins to drain rapidly. The rate of drain is constant regardless of how far below freezing the character is feeling. Even 1° below freezing is enough to maintain rate at -20% condition each hour. 'Feels like' temperature must be brought above 0°C (32°F) to end this. The affliction hypothermia will set in after 2 hours of freezing, doubling the rate to -40% per hour. Surviving more than 3 hours freezing is unlikely.

Warning: Engaging in time accelerated activity while freezing has resulted in many Deaths due to this rapid and sudden condition loss.

Saved by fireEdit

Standing next to an active fire will prevent condition loss due to freezing when playing in Pilgrim and Voyageur modes. Stalker and Interloper players do not get this luxury. When this is true, Warmth will still not restore until 'feels like' temperature is above 0°C (32°F).

Clothing optionalEdit

If one is freezing and has no hope of getting out of freezing due to the current weather conditions and items carried, consider going nude. Since the loss to condition from freezing is constant and not dependent on how cold the character 'feels like', taking off all one's clothes has no detrimental effect if one is already freezing. May save some clothing condition loss, especially in blizzards. NOTE - with the new affliction, Frostbite (which causes irreversible condition loss), this may no longer be a valid tactic!


Hypothermia is an affliction that onsets whenever a character's warmth remains at freezing for 2 consecutive hours. Once earned, hypothermia will double condition losses taken from freezing. Additionally, fatigue will drain more quickly. Hypothermia can only be cured by restoring feels like to above 0°C (32°F) and then not allowing warmth to become freezing for 24 consecutive hours.

Trivia Edit

  • There is no penalty for getting too hot. Even at "feels like" temperatures in excess of 50°C (122°F), which can be caused by adding large amounts of wood while standing close to a fire, the warmth bar will not go above "warm". In real life these temperatures would be unbearable.

Character quotesEdit

  • "Too cold to think."
  • "This cold is making my head feel thick."
  • "Need to find someplace to escape this cold."
  • "Gotta warm up somehow."
  • "Did I say I hate being cold? 'Cuz I really do!"
  • "So cold.. make a fire.. yeah, make a hot fire.."
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