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Flesh from a deer. Cook to eat safely.
In-game description
Cooked flesh from a deer.
In-game description

Venison is a food item in The Long Dark.


Venison is harvested from Deer carcasses, which contain between 8.0 and 10.0 kg of raw meat. Consuming raw meat carries a high chance of contracting food poisoning.

  • At 0% condition food disappears if inside of a container, but not outside of containers or in the player's inventory.
  • Meat decays slower outdoors than indoors.

Carcasses of rabbits slain by wolves will have reduced yields (including meat) proportional to the time the wolf has been feeding, until "ravaged" where the carcass is un-harvestable.

Frozen deer carcasses created during world generation always contain 1 deer hide, 2 guts and 0.5-2.0 kg of meat.


Cooked Venison is obtained by using a lit fire for 40 minutes and improves the cooking skill. Cooking increases it's condition by 50%, decays 4 times slower than raw meat, and has a reduces chance of food poisoning over raw meat.

Using a Cooking Pot reduces cooking time by 25%. Cooked food on an active fire for too long will burn (twice it's 'Ready' cooking time), destroying the item and damaging a Cooking Pot if used.