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The Unnamed Pond is a location on the western side of Mystery Lake.


Unnamed Pond is located southwest of the Forestry Lookout and far north-northeast of Trapper's Homestead. The only structure is a hunter's blind found on the shore of the pond, surrounded by several tree stumps and fallen trees.

A single hunting stand resides on the side of the pond. Food, and sometimes a single round of rifle ammo, can be found inside. A bow can sometimes be found resting inside or outside on the side of the stand, though this is very uncommon. A hatchet, a hunting knife, and a broken arrow all have a chance to appear in the stand, as well.

Deer can be spotted nearby on occasion and a deer carcass can be found close to the stand.

Bears and wolves commonly wander near the pond, so exercise caution when approaching, or take advantage of the safe position of the hunting blind to hide from or hunt roaming predators.

Birch saplings can sometimes be found between the Trapper's Homestead and Unnamed Pond. Slightly further north, over the hill on the side of the pond stage left of the Hunter's blind, there is a small cabin that offers shelter and possibly a few supplies, as well.

Possible loot[]