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Trapper's Homestead is a location in the south-western corner of Mystery Lake.


Trapper's Homestead is accessible from a path to the east and a difficult path to the north-east. Depending on the game's difficulty setting, valuable supplies may be scavenged from the Trapper's Homestead, including a hunting rifle along with ammunition.

An open patch of ice and snow surrounds Trapper's Homestead. The surrounding area is abundant with deer and rabbits, and there is a chance for a moose to roam right in front of the cabin. Immediately south of the Trapper's Homestead is a small abandoned barn and, a little further south, is Max's Last Stand. A few birch saplings may also grow in the area.

The interior of Trapper's Homestead usually contains several valuable supplies. It always contains a bed, a wood stove, a workbench, and many containers, including a safe. The Trapper's Homestead also contains a note.


The Trapper's Homestead can serve as a great Safehouse  due to it having lots of storage space, a bed, a workbench and secure surroundings with lots of hunting opportunities. The cabin is a very warm building, and most of the time a fire won't be required to warm you up. The main downside is its remote location, as it lies far away from many of the other buildings in Mystery Lake. The area around the cabin has very few wolves, and if one is stalking you when returning the raised path to the door can give you some time to either shoot the approaching wolf or return indoors. The rabbit grove right behind the cabin is a good and sustainable food source, as are the deer that often spawn in the valley in front of the cabin. If Intestinal Parasites are not a concern, the bear that often spawns nearby can also provide a boost to the player's food supply.

Story mode[]

Cave from the Mountain Town (center), as seen from the Trapper's Homestead.

In Episode 2 of the story mode, the cabin is home to the trapper Jeremiah, who occupies the bed at all times. You can not sleep inside Jeremiah's home without a bedroll. The fire inside is always lit, allowing players to use the location to cook food and boil water without expending matches, tinder or firewood.

In story mode, the items and containers in the cabin are owned by Jeremiah, and cannot be searched or looted.

A cave to the southeast of the cabin connects Mystery Lake to the Mountain Town region. Players are initially blocked from entering the cave, but are later able to travel through to the lower area of the Mountain Town region. However, they cannot return to Milton due to the absence of a climbing rope up to Milton Park.


  • 1 × First aid Box
  • 1 × Drawer
  • 1 × Locker (may require Prybar)
  • 2 × Metal Containers
  • 1 × Plastic Container
  • 1 × Safe
  • 1 x bag


  • Although there is no fire or light in the building, smoke comes out of the chimney and the windows are lit up at night.