A simple torch -- the same kind that's dispelled the darkness for thousands of years. Might even keep the Wolves at bay.
In-game description

The torch is a craftable tool that creates light and a small amount of heat, adding 3°C to your "feels like" temperature. If you drop them lit from your inventory directly (at your feet) they stack the warmth bonus.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The torch works like a flare, lighting up the surrounding area and possibly scaring away wolves, although it's less reliable than a flare. While carrying a lit torch, a wolf will run up to you and stand a short distance away, similar to a fire. Throwing a lit torch at a wolf sometimes causes the wolf to flee, but not always.

A lit torch can be extinguished for later use. It can be re-lit indoors or when the weather is calm by selecting it with the '1' key, then pressing the left mouse button and selecting a match or firestriker. Keep in mind that even if the torch isn't lit with your match or firestriker, it will still consume a match or condition if you start the process of lighting it. This makes it is a good idea to only have your torch out when you need it so you don't accidentally waste matches or condition.

Unlike the flare or storm lantern, torches cannot be lit in overly windy weather. However, crafting a torch only uses 0.10 liters of kerosene, and it will burn for just over 7 minutes (or nearly 1.5 in-game hours). In that same period of time, a storm lantern will burn over three times as much kerosene, making torches the optimal choice of light sources if a player happens to be low on kerosene and unlikely to be cooking raw fish for more oil in the near future.

In more difficult game modes, in which matches are far less common, it strongly advised to start fires by lighting a torch and then using the burning torch to light your fire. This way, you do not waste a match with a failed fire starting attempt.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

You can craft one 100% durability torch anywhere or you can pull a torch from any fire with 10-50% durability, reducing your fire by 10 minutes and 1°C per torch (the fire must have at least 10 minutes duration remaining).

Torches cannot be repaired. They can be 'recycled' by adding them to fires or harvested for 1 x Stick.

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