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For advanced players. An isolated alpine region with very few shelters or resources. A true test of wilderness survival skills.
- In game description

Timberwolf Mountain is the fifth region to be introduced in The Long Dark. It's commonly considered one of the most difficult regions to survive in due to frigid temperatures (sub -20C/-4F almost every day) and frequent blizzards (usually at least three per week). These conditions limit the time a player can safely travel outside with anything less than top-quality clothing, and the lack of warm indoor shelters means maintaining campfires is critical.


Timberwolf Mountain is described as pure wilderness with a mountainous expanse almost entirely lacking in man-made shelters. It has steep cliffs and ravines that require rope climbing to navigate to several locations.[1]

Connects to Pleasant Valley via a rope climb and treacherously cold mountain pass, and to Ash Canyon via the eastern end of Echo Ravine or via a cave in Deer Clearing.

Another defining feature is the large jet that recently crashed on the mountain. The plane broke apart, littering the area with debris and pieces of the aircraft, including two wings (one in the forest, another on the mountainside); the tail section; two wheels from the landing gear (one near the region entrance from Pleasant Valley, another at the mountain's top); and two engines (one in the bottom of a ravine, the other near the exit from a cave near the river), as well as half the fuselage found near the top of the mountain.

Additionally, there are cargo containers from the plane scattered near many of the various plane components. When opened with a hacksaw, these containers can be looted for large amounts of items in a specific category (e.g., canned foods, medicines, or a class of clothing).


Timberwolf Mountain hosts extreme environmental conditions and requires preparation to ensure survival during any expeditions or exploration. Wolves and bears constantly patrol areas of the map and there are few safe shelters and with little loot inside of those that exist. Due to the limited resources and abundant wildlife, hunting and defending yourself are necessary to survive for an extended period of time. Despite what the name of the region might indicate, no timberwolves will ever be found in this region.

A few hundred meters up the pathway from Pleasant Valley is Crystal Lake. On the shore is the Mountaineer's Hut, which is one of the only man-made shelters on the mountain.

The path to the summit is fairly linear. The destroyed plane at the summit contains many supplies, possibly including a distress pistol.

Game history[]

Timberwolf Mountain was introduced on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298.


There are many accessible locations within the Timberwolf Mountain region, including:




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