Timberwolves are hostile pack-hunting wildlife in The Long Dark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Timberwolves are tougher and more intelligent counterparts to the standard Wolf. Unlike Wolves, Timberwolves always hunt in packs and are not intimidated by lit and thrown Flare and Torches, or distracted with decoys.

  • Timberwolves wander and attack in packs of 2 to 4.
  • Each Timberwolf has it's own condition, but the pack fights based in their total Morale, indicated by a meter at the bottom of the screen. To drive the pack off, this Morale meter must be depleted.
  • Morale can be reduced by: shooting, or shooting near a Timberwolf in the pack (with a Hunting Rifle, Revolver, Distress Pistol, Bow, or Stone), throwing a lit Marine Flare on the ground before the Timberwolf.
  • In Wintermute Timberwolves are in Pleasant Valley during Episode 3.
  • In Survival mode they are found in Bleak Inlet.

The Timberwolf is larger and colored differently than standard Wolves, with the former being silver and gray and the latter a flat gray.

When harvested, a dead Timberwolf yields 4.0-6.5kg of Raw Wolf Meat, one Wolf Pelt, and two Fresh Guts.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Timberwolves behave very differently from their Wolf cousins.

As soon as the member of a pack detects the player they will let out a howl, causing the Morale Meter to appear and the entire pack will begin hunting, completely bypassing the "Stalking" phase that Wolves and Bears perform before an attack. Once the pack is in range of the player, they will attempt to cut off and encircle them, with individual Timberwolves taking turns on their attack runs.

  • Timberwolves do not engage in Struggles with the player, and will only perform "drive-by" style attacks, wherein they run past the player while biting, causing Condition damage, Blood Loss, bruising, or tearing Clothing.
  • These attacks can even reach a player mostly sheltered by a structure such as a partly open barn.
  • Most Timberwolf attacks do not cause Infection Risk, but once which inflict Blood Loss do.
  • Lone Timberwolves (the rest of their pack having been killed) will always flee and return to their home location (e.g. The Cannery).
  • If the player aims a weapon at an attacking Timberwolf, they will temporarily flee unless performing an attack run.
  • Timberwolves wait much longer than Wolves or Bears for the player, if they hide inside of a structure of vehicle.
  • In Story Mode, Timberwolves will also attack Crash Survivors that are placed on the ground.
  • Timberwolves cannot be baited or bribed with dropped decoys.

Morale[edit | edit source]

Timberwolves will continue to attack until the pack's Morale is fully depleted. Morale can be lowered by by shooting or throwing objects at the Timberwolves, with direct hits lowering more Morale than a close-miss. Killing a pack member can decrease Morale by twice as much as a hit, though it does not necessarily deplete all Morale. Once a Timberwolf Pack's Morale is fully depleted, surviving members will flee and will not attack again for a short time.

Marine Flares are also effective at stopping Timberwolf lunges, although normal Flares are not. Both types of hand-held flare are effective at keeping Timberwolves at bay (~15m), just outside their lunge distance. A single lit Marine flare can be used to deplete a pack's Morale by repeatedly throwing it at the ground between the player and a Timberwolf, and then picking up the flare to repeat the process.

Pack morale will regenerate, and Scent from Blood Loss or animal products (raw meat, cooked meat, Fresh Guts, or hides) can lead the pack back to the player as soon as the it is restored, especially if downwind. Campfires or not deplete Morale, but will deter attacks temporarily since Timberwolves will not attack directly through an active fire, which often results in a stand-off.

It isn't necessary to entirely deplete a pack's morale. If a pack has it's morale mostly decreased and the is player far away it may retreat, though this may require several hours to pass.

Interface[edit | edit source]

When the player is detected by a member of a Timberwolf pack, a chord stab will sound heard and an the Morale meter will appear. Shooting or throwing objects at the Timberwolves will decrease the meter, which will cause the pack to flee when depleted.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Encountering a Timberwolf pack can be very dangerous, particularly if no shelters are nearby. But there are few methods to fight them efficiently.

  • Marine Flares are effective at deplete the pack's Morale. Even a single Marine Flare can accomplish this, but this requires the player to throw and retrieve it multiple times.
  • Terrain can be used to one's advantage. Rock ledges of boulders or fallen tree trunks can be climbed.
  • Snow Shelters and Vehicles can provide protection, though it may require sleeping, passing time, or repeatedly leaving the Snow Shelter to engage the pack for the encounter to end. A major disadvantage this method is limited vision: Timberwolves behind the Snow Shelter or in blind spots can ambush the player.

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 References[edit | edit source]

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