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Thirst is one of the four essential needs. Thirst is a measure of how many liquids the player consumes and expends. Despite being surrounded by snow, liquids can be difficult to acquire, and are particularly heavy. The thirst need is fulfilled by consuming water or particular foods and drinks. Failing to fulfill this need will result in condition loss.

Thirst bar[edit | edit source]

The thirst bar appears as the lowest of the four bars on the survival overlay. Thirst is actually the inverse of what is displayed; you are thirstiest when the bar is depleted and have the least thirst when it is full. The bar ranges from zero at the left to 0.67 L on the right. As it fills, its descriptor changes to describe the current state of thirst. Descriptors are Dehydrated ↔ Parched ↔ Thirst ↔ Dry-mouth ↔ Slaked. An empty red water drop becomes visible on the HUD when thirst is completely empty and indicates condition loss has started.

Food and drink[edit | edit source]

Some foods are dry and deplete the thirst bar when they are consumed. Other foods are neutral or can even add to the thirst bar. Drinking water and other drinks remains the most direct means of satisfying thirst.

Whenever water (potable or unsafe) is consumed, it is consumed until all of it is gone from the inventory or until all of thirst is satisfied (though you can end 'drinking' prematurely by pressing escape or cancel).

If the character is already dehydrated, this is the best opportunity to eat dry foods (like salty crackers or beef jerky), as the rate of condition loss is constant and is not changed by actions that typically subtract from the thirst bar.

Thirst bar depletion[edit | edit source]

Liquid from the thirst bar drains constantly, although at a lower rate when sleeping.

Interloper difficulty[edit | edit source]

Sleeping will completely drain thirst in 10 hours. This means that although it is possible to sleep 12 hours, it will result in some condition loss due to dehydration.

Voyageur and Stalker difficulty[edit | edit source]

When awake, a full thirst bar will have completely drained after 8 hours. Sleeping will completely drain the bar in 12 hours. This means that the character requires about 0.083 litres of water per hour while awake and about 0.056 litres per hour when sleeping. If the character were to be awake all day, they'd use exactly 2 litres of water. If they were able to sleep for one whole day, they'd use 1.33 litres of water.

Pilgrim difficulty[edit | edit source]

In Pilgrim, the character only requires half as much water as in the other difficulty levels. This means that one can go for up to 16 hours before having to drink again and that one consumes less than 1 litre of water per day.

  • It is wise to drink water before sleeping to avoid dehydration and get full condition restoration.

Affecting condition[edit | edit source]

When no more water is in the thirst bar, condition drains at a rate of 50% each day (approximately 2% per hour).

Dying of thirst will take 2 days when starting with 100% condition, which is half the time it would take to die from starvation. Performing all tasks while dehydrated is possible and doing so may be part of a strategy to conserve water.

Character quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I'd eat snow if the hypothermia wouldn't kill me."
  • "That guy who drank his own pee doesn't seem so crazy right now."
  • "My mouth feels like sandpaper."
  • "Need water."
  • "Surrounded by snow, and nothing to drink."
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