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The Ravine, also known as The Raven Falls Railway Line or Raven Falls, is a Transition Zone Region connecting Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, and Bleak Inlet and the 1st Transition Zone released in The Long Dark.


The Ravine is a long and winding narrow region with sparse Wildlife. No artificial structures are present to shelter in, but three caves provide shelter: one near Mystery Lake, another near the region's center, and the last at the Ravine's basin near Bleak Inlet. The Trans-Island Railway Line in the region suffers from heavy damage, and requires frequent detours to get back on the tracks.

The Ravine is trickier to navigate than other regions. Depending on which route is taken, a fallen tree trunk must be crossed, a broken railway line over a lethal fall must be traversed, or a long rope must be climbed. The region as a whole is very long and quite cold with little shelter, making its travel time consuming and vulnerable to exposure.


The Ravine is one of two unique regions that contains no predators of any type (the second being Transfer Pass). The only wildlife are two Deer to the west, and three Rabbit groves scattered across the area.

Instant Death Barrier[]

WARNING, attempting to Mountain Goat down the sides of the Ravine into Ravine Basin will result in passing through an invisible DEATH BARRIER that will instantly wipe your save after death. This should be treated as an Environmental Hazard. Always use the Rope Climbing section to go down into the basin.

Falling off the tree bridge onto the small patch of land underneath it near the Rope Climbing section will also result in instant death.


The Ravine only has 2 named locations due to it's small size.

Raven Falls Trestle[]

Near The Ravine's exit to Coastal Highway is a narrow railway line atop a bridge. Part of the trestle is destroyed and the railway line damaged, requiring careful navigation to not plummet to one's death below.

Attempting to climb down the trestle or the slopes in the Raven Falls area is lethal, due to a kill-box put in place to prevent players from trapping themselves at the bottom of the Ravine. This was put in place before Bleak Inlet was added to the map, but still remains to end runs for the unwary.

Ravine Basin[]

Near the hanging train by the Mystery Lake side of The Ravine is an anchor point (with no climbing rope); affixing a climbing rope here allows descent to the Ravine Basin and Bleak Inlet.

At the Ravine Basin inside a rail-car is a distress pistol case with multiple flare shells, a frozen corpse, a deer carcass, rabbits, cattails, and potentially other loot. Near the entrance to Bleak Inlet at the Ravine Basin is a cave with a leaf bed inside.

  • This rope climb to the basin is very long, and is challenging to climb up: requiring high Fatigue, Crampons, and/or stopping at the ledge mid-climb to rest. Using coffee or sleeping in Bedroll or the basin's cave will help prevent becoming stranded from exhaustion.
  • A Go! Energy Drink or Emergency Stim can be used to complete the climb up, but will result in becoming exhausted afterward.
  • Since version 0.321 there is the chance a climbing rope will spawn (with other loot) in one of the hanging train wagons, a rope may also spawn at the lip of the cave found at the end of a side path.


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