Challenge Hunted2
Now you're the Hunter. With the Bearkiller Rifle in hand, track the Old Bear to its Den.
In-game description

The Hunted, Part Two is one of six challenges in The Long Dark, and is the sequel to The Hunted, Part One.

Overview Edit

Take the rifle and go face the Old Bear.
In-game instructions
The Hunted, Part One must be completed to unlock this challenge. During the challenge, the player chases the Old Bear throughout Mystery Lake. The bear will stop at numerous locations and wait until the player is close enough to attack, where they must shoot the bear with the rifle so it will continue retreating back to its den. The Challenge ends when the player confronts the bear at the den.

Challenge start Edit

The challenge begins right where Part One left off, with the player having entered the Trapper's Homestead and armed with the Bearkiller Rifle. The Old Bear can be heard outside banging on the door. The player begins with a Hunting Rifle and 10 rounds of ammunition.

Guide Edit

The bear will be directly outside the homestead and must be shot with the rifle immediately or else it will attack the player. The bear cannot be killed so it is best to only shoot the bear when it has stopped at the designated locations. The bear will follow a path and must be shot to force it to continue retreating back to the bear den. The easiest way to track the bear is to follow the bear prints in the snow and the drops of blood. If the player stops for an extended period, or if it heavily snows, the tracks will disappear.

Locations Edit

The following list is the locations that the bear will stop at in order from the Trapper's Homestead to the den.

  1. Max's Last Stand
  2. Tunnel Collapse
  3. Camp Office
  4. Frozen Creek
  5. Cabin
  6. Clear Cut
  7. Logging Camp
  8. River (Northern Access)
  9. River (Southern Access)
  10. Ice Fishing Huts
  11. Bear Den

Ending Edit

Warning: *Do not read if you do not want to be spoiled on the ending of the challenge.*

Once the player has finally reached the cave where the bear is hiding and gets close enough to the entrance, the Old Bear will charge out and pounce on the player. Shooting the bear will not stop it from attacking. The bear will slowly drag the character back into the cave. As the screen fades to black while the sounds of growling and chewing can be heard, the words To Be Continued appear, implying a third part to The Hunted Challenge.

Tips Edit

  • Wolves can be found roaming near the trail the bear takes. It is recommended to use flares or alternative ways of making wolves flee instead of shooting them. Ammunition is extremely limited and the rifle is the only weapon that can make the bear retreat.
  • The Camp Office will always have three rifle cartridges on top of the filling cabinets. Make sure to grab these in case you run out of bullets while hunting the bear.
  • Unlike normal bears, this bear will always run if you shoot it anywhere on its body, even if it's charging.
  • The Dam may have a couple single bullets scattered around. There is also sometimes a box of five bullets in the room on the right. This should eliminate any ammo concerns.
  • The Trapper's Homestead door is slightly damaged at the start of the game. However, this is only visual and won't affect Warmth or any other gameplay feature. 
  • There's no time limit to the challenge. You can visit any region outside Mystery Lake, and the bear will remain in place. 

Game-breaking bugs Edit

  • In patch v1.55, shooting the bear at the Trapper's Cabin did not drive it away. Immediately exiting the cabin, you must run to the right side of the cabin out of the bear's reach to force it to run away. This bug has been fixed in v1.56.

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