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This template is used on pages for items that can be crafted or can be used to craft other items.
A blank infobox for copy-pasting
|workplace      = 
|tool           = 
|time           = 
|material1      = 
|quantity1      = 
|material2      = 
|quantity2      = 
|yield1         = 
|yieldquantity1 = 
Type in this:
|workplace      = 
|tool           = {{Pic link|Heavy hammer|pic=Heavy hammer icon}}
|time           = 4 hours
|material1      = {{Pic link|Scrap metal|pic=Scrap metal icon}}
|quantity1      = 5
|material2      = {{Pic link|Cloth|pic=Cloth icon}}
|quantity2      = 1
|yield1         = {{Pic link|Improvised hatchet|pic=Improvised hatchet icon}}
|yieldquantity1 = 1
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