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This template is used on affliction pages.
Type this at the top of a page, but below any notice templates.
|name      = Name of affliction. If left blank, will default to the page name
|image     = Affliction icon filename
|effect    = Positive or Negative
|type      = Injury or Disease
|recovery  = Is the affliction treatable
|treatment = <number required> X {{Pic link|<medicine name>|pic=<medicine icon filename>}}
|time      = How long does it take to go away
A blank infobox for copy-pasting
|name      = 
|image     = 
|effect    = 
|type      = 
|recovery  = 
|treatment = 
|time      = 
Type in this:
|name      = Blood loss
|image     = Blood loss icon.png
|effect    = Negative
|type      = Injury
|recovery  = Requires treatment
|treatment = 1 x {{pic link|Bandage|pic=Bandage icon}}
|time      = Instant
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