Survival Overlay

The central hub of the survival Overlay.

Outdated: The content of this page may be outdated.
The Survival Overlay is an interface that allows the player to quickly judge their situation with. It shows a copious amount of essential information in its entirety, the central hub including things like needs, condition, and feels like temperature, while the upper corners of the screen will show the time of day and the player's current stamina.

Central hub Edit

The bottom left side of the screen is where the center hub is visible. From top to bottom, the information included is as follows:

Warmth, Fatigue, Thirst, and Hunger Edit

Here, the player can view their four major needs. The survival of each need is indicated by the size and color of the respective need bar; the smaller and more red the bar is, the more severe the need.

Calorie Store and Feels Like Edit

The Calorie Store number is how many calories the player currently posesses. It is directly linked to the Hunger bar in that at 2500 calories total, the Hunger bar is at 100%. Oppositely, when the Hunger bar is entirely empty, the calorie store will be 0.

Feels Like is the exact effective temperature that detirmines the increase (or decrease) for the player's Warmth bar. When the Feels Like temperature is above 0°C (32°F), the player's Warmth will be heading in the positive direction. When it is below that temperature, the player will notice the opposite happening.

Survival indicators Edit

Also in the bottom left corner of the screen are the survival indicators. These, unlike the central hub, are always visible when active, and exist as a warning to the player. When one of the player's needs is nearly or entirely empty, the player will notice a red version of said need's icon visible in the bottom corner.

On top of these needs indicator, there is an indicator, identifiable as a red first aid cross, for when the player has active negative afflictions.

The player's condition will also be visible if they are actively losing condition, however slow that loss may be. Its color will be white or red, varying on the amount of condition remaining.

Finally, a white shield icon is visible when the player is out of the way of wind. Along with this shield indicator, the player will notice that the windchill is minimal, as they are currently in an area that is not affected by the wind.

Upper corners Edit

Lastly, the upper two corners of the screen will show two bits of information.

The top left corner will show an approximation of the time, formatted in "X hours of daylight/darkness left". There is no way to see the precise time in Survival mode or Story mode.

The top right corner will show the player's current stamina, but unlike most of the other information on this HUD, it is only visible when the player is actively sprinting. If the player is not sprinting, this bar is hidden. The bar itself solely represents the current stamina the player has.