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A struggle with a wolf


A Struggle is a scripted event involving the player and an attacking animal successfully reaching them, either a wolf, bear or a moose.

Wolf struggles are partially scripted and can be defended against with certain Tools, Bear and Moose struggles are fully scripted and always result in a player defeat. Animals wounded prior to the start of a struggle can be killed during it, and Wolves wounded in struggles can later bleed out and die.


Struggles with wolves vary in length and severity based upon how quickly the left mouse button can be clicked, the player's Fatigue, Survival mode difficulty, which Tools was selected, and RNG.

At the start of a Struggle with a Wolf the HUD will present a timed list of Tools options in the player's inventory for defense; while the struggle lasts the player can attack the wolf with this tool by left-clicking. At intervals the Wolf will attack the player, causing Condition loss and a chance to damage the player's clothes ("Torn Clothing"), Infection Risk, Sprained wrist, or Sprained ankle.

The Wolf Struggle will end immediately if either the player or wolf die, the wolf is scared off (chance after losing 75% or more of it's health), or after a set length of time (resulting in a 'Wolf Win', where the wolf walks away and player regains consciousness and stands up). Wolves which are scared off will be scared for 30 seconds if not afflicted by Blood loss, or until they die if they are; these scared wolves can still enter new Struggles if the player gets too close to them, and may stop fleeing if the player passes through a Transition into a building or different map and returns.

Different tools are more or less effective at ending the struggle (scaring the Wolf), injuring, or killing the wolf (e.g., a Prybar may only scare the animal away, while a Hatchet can inflict fatal Blood loss). If the player chooses a loaded revolver for the wolf struggle, the option to 'Take Shot' will be presented alongside regular Revolver struggling (striking the Wolf with the weapon's handle), this fires a round and ends the struggle immediately, scaring the wolf and potentially killing it or wounding the Wolf.

If your conditions are low, you can die and end the game.

If the player is below 50% Fatigue they will deal reduced damage to Wolves during struggles (except with Revolver 'Take Shot' action).

Higher Survival mode difficulties increases the damage Wolves deal per attack during Struggles substantially, particularly on Interloper.

Injured Wolves are much easier to scare during Struggles than full health Wolves, and often can be killed during a Struggle.


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Note some Tools cannot be selected as defense options during a Wolf Struggle, this includes the Hacksaw, Hunting rifle, Survival bow, Bear spear, Distress pistol, Storm lantern, and Stone.


A struggle with a bear will always result in a loss for the player, because they are unable to take any action during this time. This will result in a loss of 90% of pre-struggle condition remaining and two afflictions: blood loss and infection risk.

During Wintermute (Story Mode) Chapter 2 the Bear spear may be used against the bear for a "Bear Spear Struggle", which can be won by the player. Hinterland has stated that the spear may become available in Survival mode in the future.


Similar to bears, a struggle with a moose will always result in a loss. The moose tramples the player, stomping several times before the player passes out. Upon waking up, the player will be disoriented temporarily and lose about 50% condition, as well as obtain a broken ribs affliction.