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Official release poster for Season 1:Wintermute

The story of Wintermute launched August 1, 2017 with two episodes: Do Not Go Gentle, and Luminance Fugue. The story episode explains the relationship between Dr Astrid Greenwood and a bush pilot whom she hires, named William Mackenzie. After a mysterious geomagnetic disaster, Astrid and William become separated. Hear and experience the story from their perspective, and face the struggle to survive head on.

Will You Be Saviour, or Survivor?

Morally challenging scenarios that push players to answer the question: “How far will you go to survive?”. Any survivor you meet in the world can be friend or foe. Will you risk your life to discover what they know and selflessly sacrifice for the common good, or live—and potentially die—by the adage, “might makes right”?

Explore A Living World

Rich episodic fiction featuring dozens of locations, a cast of memorable characters, and a mature post-disaster storyline inspired by the creative risk-taking seen in many of today’s exciting television series. This isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

Episodic structure Edit

The Long Dark's episodic structure borrows from TV to deliver a well-paced narrative experience that is advanced by player action in the world. Similar to open-world games like Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3, The Long Dark offers both a large open-world simulation space that encourages freeform gameplay, as well as a story-driven mission structure that draws players deeper into the fiction of the game and world. This structure means that whether you have 15 minutes or 1.5 hours to play, you can jump in and make meaningful progress towards an in-game goal. Each episode will take an average of 3-5 hours to complete. 

Episode 1Edit

Do Not Go Gentle launched August 1, 2017.  

In this episode, William Mackenzie's plane has crashed due to a mysterious geomagnetic event. He and fellow traveler Dr Astrid Greenwood are now separated and William does his best to survive the wilderness while trying to find shelter. His journey takes him to the small town of Milton where he starts to understand the extent of the quiet apocalypse.  

Episode 2Edit

Luminance Fugue launched August 1, 2017.

William Mackenzie is on the search for Astrid, but is now starting to realize the depth of the situation he finds himself in. During his journey, he meets other survivors and finds himself making crucial, but not easy decisions that determine just how far he is willing to go to survive.

Difficulty Edit

There are three levels of difficulty that can be chosen from

Green Survivor Edit

  • For new players most interested in pensive exploration and storytelling.
  • Most survival elements are tuned to be very forgiving.

Capable Survivor Edit

  • For players with some experience, and those looking for a balance between exploration and survival.
  • Wildlife is sparse, but can seek you out.
  • Survival elements are challenging but resources are plentiful.

Hardened Survivor Edit

  • For veteran players looking for a punishing survival experience.
  • Hostile wildlife is common, and will hunt you down.
  • All survival elements are tuned to be particularly challenging.

Future episodes Edit

In August 2018 Dev Diary Hinterland announced what Episode 3 will release in December 2018.




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