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The stone is a throwable item found scattered around all maps. It can be picked up and used as a distraction or make-shift weapon against wolves.

Stones are an excellent tool for hunting rabbits; they are abundant, relatively simple to use, and can stun a rabbit with no additional resources. Stones may also be strategically placed to mark paths or important locations the player may wish to remember later.

Stones can also be used to lower the morale of an attacking Timberwolf pack, by hitting or landing near one of its members.

Each stone weighs 0.15kg


A Rock Cache can be crafted from 50 Stones via the Navigation section of the Radial Menu. Each cache can store 30kg of items and will show up on the in-game map.


Rabbits are stunned by a direct hit with a stone, which requires some practice with sneaking near enough to the rabbit and aiming roughly in the center of the thumb and forefinger "reticule." If the player picks up the animal within a few seconds, the game gives you the option to kill or release it.

Rabbits and deer will flee from the landing site of thrown stones, which is useful for flushing prey while hunting. Wolves, timberwolves and bears will investigate the landing sites of thrown stones (if not already stalking the player) before returning to their patrol. The distraction may provide enough time to escape from dead ends or through areas otherwise obstructed by patrolling predators.

  • Wolves will flee after being directly struck with a thrown stone. Throwing or even just aiming a stone if near a fire is most useful for discouraging wolves from stalking the player, or scaring them off of an animal carcass; however, aiming (right-click) at a stalking wolf may also provoke it to begin an attack run.
  • Timberwolves behave similarly to wolves with thrown stones; if a timberwolf pack is engaging the player, thrown stones landing near them or directly striking them will lower the pack's morale.
  • Bears will ignore thrown stones once they begin stalking.
  • Moose will flee from thrown stones as long as they have not detected the player, if they have detected the player they will become enraged instead.

Like arrows, stones will ricochet off terrain and objects If striking at an oblique angle.


Game History[]

The stone was introduced in patch v.423 "Faithful Cartographer ".

The ability to craft rock caches from stones was introduced in patch v.1.76 "Fearless Navigator "