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Stamina represents the player's ability to undertake several physically demanding tasks. Sprinting or rope climbing both reduce stamina. When the stamina bar is completely drained, rope climbing becomes slower and more dangerous, and the player is unable to sprint. The stamina bar will gradually refill itself when not in active use.


The amount of stamina that the player has is set and cannot be increased through leveling skills. The current maximum stamina can be viewed by navigating to the Clothing screen within the game menu.

Fatigue affects the replenishment of stamina. When the character reaches Exhausted (empty fatigue bar), the stamina bar is completely drained. It will remain drained for as long as the fatigue bar remains empty.

Different types of clothing have a different mobility penalty attached to them. When wearing clothing with a higher mobility penalty, the player's stamina bar will have a lower maximum capacity.

Positive modifiers Edit

The following items positively impact the player's stamina.

Image Item Effect Duration
Cup of coffee icon Cup of coffee
  • Fatigue is immediately reduced by approximately 10%
  • Fatigue decay being slowed
  • Sprinting will also use approximately half the energy it typically does
One hour
Emergency stim icon Emergency stim
  • Allows the player to ignore sprained ankles and sprint.
  • Gives temporary unlimited stamina
  • After that short period of time, the player's Fatigue and stamina bars drain completely.
15 minutes

Negative modifiers Edit

Suffering from the following afflictions affects the player's stamina.

Image Affliction Effect Duration
Broken ribs icon Broken ribs
  • Stamina reduced by 50%
  • Carrying capacity reduced by 25%
Until treatment
Sprained ankle icon Sprained ankle
  • Sprinting is not possible
4 hours of rest or until treatment
Hypothermia icon Hypothermia
  • Fatigue is lost at twice the normal rate
Until treated
Infection icon Infection
  • Increase in fatigue gained while performing actions
Until treated
Intestinal parasites icon Intestinal parasites
  • Maximum fatigue is reduced by 2% per day
Until treated


Stamina is used primarily for two activities: sprinting and rope climbing.

Sprinting Edit

"Walking through the snow with a heavy pack can get tiring, but sometimes you just have to run. Escape wildlife, avoid weak ice, or get to shelter faster by Sprinting. Keep in mind that Sprinting uses up more Calories than Walking, and your Sprint stamina is limited by how restrictive your Clothing is. It takes you a little while to recover Sprint stamina, so use it wisely!"
— In-game description

Sprint is a gameplay mechanic that enables the player to move faster than usual. When active the player can run twice as fast as walking speed. Sprint can be used for evasion, avoiding weak ice, or simply moving quickly to another location

Rope climbing Edit

Main article: Rope climbing

Climbing a rope is one of the most strenuous activities in-game. Rest and stamina are drained as one climbs. When stamina reaches zero, the climbing rate slows significantly and there is an ever increasing chance to slip and fall. How fast one climbs is significantly impacted by current rest level. Having a full rest bar will make for an easy, quick climb. An empty rest bar will mean a slow climb; so slow that it may be impossible to complete before draining all stamina and then slipping and eventually falling off.

Stamina for climbing is not affected by clothing worn. It is not wise to sprint towards a rope you expect to climb.

Feats Edit

Several feats can affect the player's stamina and are listed below, along with the requirements for unlocking and the unique effects.

Image Feat Requirement Effect
Badge feat freeRunner Free Runner Sprint 50 kilometers Sprinting burns 25% fewer calories
Badge feat snowWalker Snow Walker Travel 1000 kilometers Stamina bar recharges 20% faster
Primary ConditionStaminaEncumbrance
Needs WarmthFatigueHungerThirst
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