A can of Spray Paint. Can be used to leave signs and markers in the environment.
In-game description

Overview[edit | edit source]

Spray paint is a tool used to mark the landscape with symbols that can aid in navigation, relocating stored supplies, avoiding danger, etc. It appears as a brightly colored image on the surface, and, in most cases, will be marked on the map as well.

Cans of spray paint can be found in multiple locations, such as the Camp Office, inside vehicles, and at the Last Resort Cannery. Although more common in human-dominated areas and locations, occasionally a few may be found in more remote, wild regions.

Twelve symbols can currently be sprayed on most surfaces that have sufficient room for the marker. As the paint in the can is used, item durability and weight is reduced.

Depending the marker--for example, the X for "Searched"--it might not display on the map. Also, if a symbol is spray painted during low-visibility conditions (i.e., blizzards, fog, or night), it will not display on the map, despite being visible from the player's perspective in-game. Even after conditions clear, mapping the area or painting another symbol near the unmapped marker will not make it appear on the map (it is unclear if this is a bug).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spray Paint Markers-0.png
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