A simple snare, used to capture small game.
In-game description

The snare is a type of tool.

Overview Edit

A snare is a trap you can set up to catch rabbits. Snares are only effective when placed in a rabbit-rich place. Once a rabbit is caught, the snare can be re-used if it did not break and its condition is greater than 0%.  If it breaks, it can still be harvested for one reclaimed wood.

Snares are viable for long-term play as the gut harvested from the rabbit and its own harvesting, once broken, is enough to create new snares.

Setting up many snares in a rabbit grove often has high yields, however catching too many rabbits will reduce their respawn rate in that area. Waiting several days will restore the rate.

Crafting Edit

Cannot be repaired. Harvesting yields 1 × Reclaimed wood.

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