Rope climbing is a gameplay feature in The Long Dark.

Rope over cliff.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Rope climbing allows players to navigate up or down steep cliffs at specific points. Mountaineering Ropes can be found rarely at locations indoors or deployed at rocky outcroppings near cliffs or ledges across Great Bear Island, but many potential climbing locations only a rock is present and a rope must be brought and deployed to climb.

Deployed Mountaineering Ropes can be harvested and relocated to other moved to other climbing points.

Climbing[edit | edit source]

A climbing spot and sign in lower Milton Park near Milton.

Climbing a rope is the most strenuous activity in-game, draining Rest and Stamina quickly as one climbs. When stamina reaches zero, the climbing rate slows significantly and there is a chance to slip and fall. How fast one climbs is significantly impacted by current Rest level and Weight. Having a high Rest will make for an easy, quick climb (and/or low Weight) and burning less Calories. Low Rest (or high Weight) will make climbing slower and burn more Calories; so slow that it may be impossible to complete a climb before draining all stamina, slipping, and falling.

Climbing is not possible if the player has any Sprained Wrists, Sprained Ankles, or Broken Ribs. This means it is possible to become stranded at locations which require climbing to access them (such as Hushed River Valley, or Timberwolf Mountain). Bandages can be life-saving to treat sprains in these circumstances, but since Broken Ribs require Painkillers or Rose Hip Tea, they can be harder or even impossible to treat if one is unprepared.

Action[edit | edit source]

Select the deployed rope to begin climbing, then move forward to climb up, or backwards to climb down. Looking around while climbing is possible by stopping mid-climb, but Stamina, Fatigue, and Calories will continue to drain rapidly. It is possible to reverse climbing direction mid-climb, or stop and rest on a Ledge.

If climbing from below, a rope must already have been attached to a rock from above to be able to climb it.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Note: Stamina for climbing is not affected by the Sprint Penalty statistic of worn clothing, but is derived from the same Stamina meter used for sprinting. It is not wise to Sprint prior to a climb without allowing Stamina to recover first.

  • It is possible to stop and recover stamina on a ledge (described below); often a requirement for long climbs.
  • Coffee both restores rest and reduces all rest draining effects so is a great boon to rope climbing.
  • Drinking an energy drink before starting will immediately restore half the player's rest and completely fill their stamina, along with reducing all rest draining effects. However, the Headache and severe loss of rest after the drink wears off can cripple the player.
  • Using an Emergency Stim's for temporary for infinite Rest and Stamina allows one to climb through a single rope with ease, however the after effect of zero Rest afterwards can be crippling.
  • Wearing crampons reduces the Stamina drain when climbing, thus speeding up the process and preserving some Rest.
  • Resting with a Bedroll (or Bear Skin Bedroll) prior to a climb, or on a Ledge mid-climb can be useful to restore Rest.
  • In many areas, it is possible to avoid the taxing fatigue of rope climbing by carefully dropping down nearby slopes and small ledges. The trade-off is that this method usually carries a high risk of sprains or even falls. Note that one major exception exists: dropping into the Ravine Basin will result in automatic death.
  • In a few rare cases, it may even be possible to avoid a rope climb by navigating up sloped terrain (for example, one can reach the Lake Overlook by marching up the hill in front of the Camp Office). Even more so than dropping down, climbing steep terrain comes with a high risk of sprains.

Ledges[edit | edit source]

Some cliffs feature ledges midway along their rope course, and are suggested when the white selection dot appears. To enter a ledge, stop climbing and look at the ledge until it highlights, then select it. There is always room for a fire and a sleeping bag, but most ledges are very cold and exposed if strong winds or blizzards are present.

  • It is not possible to exit or enter a rope mid-climb except at designated ledges.

Slipping/Falls[edit | edit source]

When the character runs out of Stamina mid-climb, there is an increasing chance they will slip on the rope. The longer one continues to try an climb with no Stamina, the greater the chance of slipping.

After slipping they will slide down the rope until randomly catching themselves. How far one slips may depend on how much fatigue one has.

  • When one starts slipping, it is not advisable to try to resume the climb. More slippage is likely to follow. Descend quickly or enter a ledge and rest before trying again.
  • If one slips as far as the ground, it is equivalent to falling from the original height and bruising injuries, sprain afflictions, and condition loss will be awarded accordingly. It is possible to severely tear clothes. Death is possible.

Descending[edit | edit source]

Descending a rope takes far less stamina and is less impacted by fatigue. Slipping may be impossible. Select the rope between where it is tied off but before it turns over the cliff. Move backward to go down. Stopping is possible to look around. If there is no rope available - it is possible to completely jump off the mountain and survive, if landing on the different ledges sticking out. You will get insanely injured, but survive.

Deploying ropes[edit | edit source]

Rope tied off.

Mountaineering ropes can only be attached to or detached from a specific rock formation at the top of a sheer cliff (see image for example of formation; looks like a sharp tooth about 3 meters high). To deploy a rope from inventory, simply select the middle of the rock when close. To detach and take a rope, select the rope where it wraps around the rock. Rope will automatically be placed in inventory. Attaching/detaching a rope takes about 10 minutes.

Game history[edit | edit source]

Rope climbing was introduced on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298 also known as the Timberwolf Mountain update.

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