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Revolver Firearm is a survival skill that involves the use of a revolver to defend oneself from hostile wildlife, or as a sub-optimal hunting tool.

A firearm's ability to attack from range allows can frighten or killing wildlife from relative safety.


The revolver is a self defense tool used to fire revolver ammunition at targets. The high-velocity rounds travel in a straight line and can cause significant injury to smaller animals, including wolves and timberwolves. However the weapon lacks of stopping power, making it ineffective against bear and moose. Revolvers may also be selected to defend oneself during a Wolf struggle, and if loaded, the option to "Take Shot" may appear, which if selected will end the struggle immediately: scaring off or killing the wolf.

Shots from the Revolver which hit an animal's head or torso (indicated by a bloodsplatter, or blood drops), are always lethal but due to the weapon's low stopping power, this may take several hours (in-game) for it to bleed to death.

Revolver Firearm Skill[]

Revolver skill is increased by scoring hits on live wildlife with the Revolver, or by fully reading the research book "Small Arms Handbook". Multiple copies of the book can be read, each granting skill points when fully read.

  • A Revolver round striking a live animal (except crows) grants 1 skill point.
  • Selecting a loaded Revolver for self-defense during a Wolf struggle, and firing it during the struggle grants 1 skill point.
  • Small Arms Handbook grants 10 skill points (5 hours of reading).

Note: Revolver skill is not increased by selecting to use a carried Revolver during a Wolf struggle (bludgeoning the Wolf with the revolver), but instead having it loaded, selecting it, and choosing the "Take Shot" option during the struggle (if it appears). However, increased "Struggle Effectiveness" from the Revolver Skill does affect struggle success regardless of the weapon being loaded or not.

Once players have reached a new skill level, they unlock the effects described in the table below.

Level Skill points Effects
1 0
  • Basic Revolver skill
2 10
  • Recoil compensation increased by 25%
  • +2 condition per repair action
3 25
  • Struggle effectiveness increased by 10%
  • Recoil compensation increased by 35%
  • +3 condition per repair action
4 50
  • Aim Assist: Minor
  • Struggle effectiveness increased by 20%
  • Recoil compensation increased by 50%
  • +4 condition per repair action
5 100
  • Per-use degradation reduced by 50%
  • Aim assist: Moderate
  • Recoil compensation increased by 70%
  • Struggle effectiveness increased by 30%
  • +5 condition per repair action