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A box of Revolver cartridges.
In-game description
A single Revolver cartridge.
In-game description

Revolver Ammunition is ammunition for the revolver. It can be found alone, as a single round, or as 10 rounds in a box. It can also be crafted at an ammunition workbench.

The box is branded as a product called Bullseye.


A single cartridge can be crafted at an ammunition workbench using a bullet, a revolver shell casing, and a can of gunpowder.

Update history[]

  • update 6 May 2019 (Update):
    • Added to game.


  • Since the revolver is lacking a speed loader mechanism, the character will load the bullets one-by-one.
  • The rounds size are much smaller than the rifle ones and can be hard to find one on the ground.
  • Dropped rounds appear as a box of rounds.
  • Ammunition for the revolver is much more abundant than ammo for the rifle, and can be found randomly in most locations.
  • The ammo's real life counterpart is the .32 S&W. which was manufactured in the 1880's.