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A powerful handgun, the Revolver has great stopping power in defensive situations. Not a Hunting weapon.
In-game description

The Revolver is a double-action weapon with a six-round cylinder used primarily for self-defense against hostile wildlife. The Revolver Firearm Skill is improved when a living animal is hit, or by reading the book "Small Arms Handbook".


The Revolver is the second firearm added to The Long Dark, and unlike its counterparts the hunting rifle and the survival bow, it is less than ideal for hunting with limited damage, range, and accuracy. It is most effective in defensive situations against hostile wildlife—particularly wolves and timberwolves.

Although the Revolver can be used to kill any wildlife, it is less effective against large animals due to its low damage. Any animal except the moose shot by the revolver may eventually die from blood loss, but it may take a while to bleed out. The Revolver may sometimes stop a charging moose, however this is not guaranteed. The Revolver is most effective against small animals, wolves and timberwolves.

  • Fast rate of fire, low recoil, and accurate.
  • Range of 30m.
  • Can hold 6 rounds, loaded individually
  • Gunshots frighten nearby wildlife (except timberwolves, and predators if charging)
  • Can defend oneself during a Wolf struggle, and with increased effectiveness at higher Revolver Firearm Skill.
  • Low stopping power and long bleed-out time: a single round will kill any struck animal eventually (except moose) through blood loss, but deer/bears may take hours.
  • May aim indefinitely (unlike Rifle/Bow), but may not move while aiming.
  • Revolver Ammunition is relatively abundant, Revolvers themselves are quite rare.
  • Lighter than Hunting Rifles (1.5kg VS 4.0kg), but heavier than a survival bow (0.5kg, and 0.15kg per arrow)
  • Spent casings are not ejected, but contained in the cylinder until reloading where they are then dropped on the ground.
  • Unloading the Revolver from the Inventory menu places spent and unspent rounds directly into the Inventory.



When found the Revolver may be empty, or may have 1-6 rounds loaded in it's cylinder. The revolver holds up to six rounds, each of which must be loaded individually.


The default action of the Revolver is a hipfire. Aiming using the gun's sight, improving accuracy but disabling walking. Aiming is also improved as Revolver Firearm Skill improves. Aiming at a hostile wolf will cause it to immediately charge.

Sway with the Revolver is lower than that of the Hunting Rifle, but increases if some Needs are low (Fatigued or Freezing), making aiming more difficult.


Firing a Revolver causes 2% Condition damage to it. At 0% Condition, the Revolver will become "Ruined" and may not be fired. Non-ruined Revolvers may be repaired with a firearm cleaning kit, which also increase the Cleaning Skill.

Ruined (0% condition) Revolvers can be repaired for use again at the Milling Machine.

Use in Struggle

Revolvers may be selected for self-defense during a struggle with a Wolf. If selected at the Struggle's start, the butt of the revolver will be used to strike the Wolf. At higher skill levels the option to "Take a shot" may appear during a struggle if the Revolver is loaded; selecting this will fire 1 Revolver Ammunition and end the Struggle immediately, scaring the Wolf and potentially killing it instantly.

  • Note: a single non-fatal shot fired at a charging wolf will usually not deter it, but multiple have a high chance of a kill as the head of the wolf is the most exposed, making critical hits (headshots) easier. A charging wolf will often flee if several shots are fired in quick succession, even if said shots miss.


The Revolver may spawn in any of following locations in all survival modes except Interloper. It is possible for more than one revolver to spawn in any given game.

Broken Railroad

Coastal Highway

Desolation Point

Mountain Town

  • Under Grey Mother's bed in the Milton House.
  • In a backpack at the wreckage of the plane that serves as the setting for the beginning of Episode 1 (inside the cave).
  • In the safe in Milton Credit Union.

Mystery Lake

Timberwolf Mountain

  • Cave on Summit, next to the dead body.

Forlorn Muskeg

  • Near the bed above the forge at Old Spence Family Homestead
  • In a backpack next to the corpse in the explorable cave leading to Marsh Ridge.
  • In the secret safe in the barn of the Old Spence Family Homestead

Pleasant Valley

  • In the fishing hut on Pensive Pond.
  • Inside Prepper's Abandoned Cache (next to a bed, right corner behind ladder).
  • Inside a vent in Prepper's Abandoned Cache
  • In a pile of hay inside of the barn nearest to the farmhouse (Molly's barn).
  • Inside the Skeeter's Ridge basement (on a shelf).
  • At the Misty Falls Picnic Area (next to a body inside the explorable cave).
  • In the radio hut at Signal Hill (on top of the bunk bed, on a desk, or under the bottom corner of the shelf by the door).
  • In one of the houses at Rural Crossroads (under a bed).
  • In Story Mode, the revolver is found in the locker the farmstead's basement.

Hushed River Valley

  • At the Mysterious Signal Fire.
  • Next to the backpack in the Lake Cave.
  • Next to the backpack near the deer carcass across the three log bridges below the first ice cave.

Bleak Inlet

  • Cannery Workshop, under the locker.
  • Cannery Workshop, next to the trash can.
  • Cannery Workshop, behind the stacked sinks.
  • Cannery Workshop, a narrow gap between the pillar and the wall.
  • Ice fishing hut, in a plastic container.
  • Cannery, inside the safe.

Ash Canyon

Update history

  • update 6 May 2019 (Update):
    • Added to game.


  • The Revolver cannot be harvested.
  • The only firearm that may be hip-fired without first aiming, thought not the only weapon: stones may be thrown without aiming.
  • Resembles a Smith & Wesson Model 27, which uses .357 Magnum ammunition. However in-game Revolver Ammunition appears to be .32 S&W.
  • The second weapon equipped by the Weapons Hotkey ("2"), second in priority to the distress pistol.
  • Fast rate of fire makes it useful against moving targets (such as charging animals).
  • Despite the item's description says it's "not a hunting weapon", it is by no means impossible. Lower sway than the rifle may make it preferable at close range.
  • After a Revolver has been fired, and empty rounds remain inside it's cylinder, the weight of these casings does not add to the item's weight.