A region is a large, explorable outdoor area that encompasses many discoverable locations.


All regions are located on Great Bear Island in northern Canada. Each of the regions connects to at least one other region, either directly or by a smaller transition zone.


Survival modeEdit

In most difficulty levels of Survival mode, the player may select any region as the starting point or may choose to start in a random region.

If the Interloper experience is selected, then the starting region will be randomly chosen from more challenging maps. In Interloper, the player will not spawn in Mountain Town, Mystery Lake, or Coastal Highway, and the number of possible spawn locations within each possible region is limited.

Story modeEdit

In the Story mode, the starting location is always the same and the player is restricted in what regions he can visit.

  • Episode 1 takes place entirely in Mountain Town. Once the main quest is completed, player acquires means to proceed away from this region, which triggers the beginning of Episode 2.
  • Episode 2 mostly takes place in Mystery Lake, however the player has to also travel to Forlorn Muskeg and Broken Railroad to progress the main quest. Unlike in Survival mode, it is not possible to return to Mountain Town (Milton) once Episode 2 starts.

Region list Edit

There are currently nine regions in The Long Dark, which are:

Region Difficulty Number of
Modes Release date
Mystery Lake Beginner 22 Survival, Story 22 Sep 2014
Coastal Highway Intermediate 16 Survival 30 Oct 2014
Pleasant Valley Advanced 24 Survival   7 Feb 2015
Desolation Point Intermediate 13 Survival 18 Sep 2015
Timberwolf Mountain Advanced 16 Survival 16 Dec 2015
Forlorn Muskeg Advanced 10 Survival, Story 19 Dec 2016
Broken Railroad Intermediate   5 Survival, Story   1 Aug 2017
Mountain Town Beginner 18 Survival, Story   1 Aug 2017
Hushed River Valley Advanced 23 Survival 14 June 2018

Transition zonesEdit

In addition to these regions, there are also several transition zones, which are smaller explorable areas serving as links between some regions. Some transition zones may also contain discoverable locations. The transition zones include:

Directly connected regionsEdit

Some regions are connected directly, without any transition zone between them. These connections are:

  • Mystery Lake - Forlorn Muskeg
  • Forlorn Muskeg - Broken Railroad
  • Mountain Town - Forlorn Muskeg
  • Pleasant Valley - Timberwolf Mountain


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