Reclaimed wood (from broken furniture, wooden structures, etc.)
In-game description

Reclaimed wood is a material in The Long Dark.

It is a fuel source for a fire and also a material for crafting tools.
It decreases the probability of lighting a fire by 5%.

Reclaimed wood has an estimated fire duration of 30 minutes.

Together with cedar firewood it has the best burning time per weight: 120 min/kg. Since each piece adds approximately 30 minutes to a fire's burn time (compared to an hour+ for other long-burning forms of fuel), it allows the player to use fuel more efficiently for tasks that might be performed in time increments close to a half hour interval.

For instance, warming a canned food item or making tea takes about 20-25 minutes. Using longer burning fuels for quick-cooking items requires the player to monitor the fire to avoid burning the food/drink and/or to start another cooking task to avoid wasting the remaining hour+ of burn time. Using reclaimed wood allows a player to walk away from the fire or perform more time-consuming tasks such as research without worrying about the canned food or drink burning, as the fire will extinguish 10-20 minutes after the food or drink is done.

Pieces of reclaimed wood can be found in buildings and fishing huts or can be reclaimed by breaking down crates, shelves, tables, chairs and other wooden items using a Heavy hammer, Hatchet, or Improvised hatchet. Some small items can be broken down with bare hands, which may be done even without light; however, reclaiming wood without a tool takes more time and energy.

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