Quonset Garage (also known as Quonset Gas Station) is a location within the Coastal Townsite in Coastal Highway.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Quonset Garage is located along the main highway in Coastal Highway. It is one of the best candidates for a safe house in Coastal Highway. Inside there are two crafting benches, 1 fire barrel, and a bed. Lots of storage is available in the garage including 5 lockers (2 in a bathroom, 3 in a room with a bed) and various desks and toolboxes. Notable loots include soda cans and energy bars in the shop area, providing a day or so of food. A toilet provides a fair amount of potable water. A basin can be found on one of the workbenches, but it has a chance of holding non-potable water. Often, many tools will spawn inside, usually hidden in a corner. You may find a Firestriker or Magnifying lens hidden behind wooden crates.

Safehouse[edit | edit source]

The garage has many advantages as a safe house. Inside you will find ample storage space, a fire barrel, two workbenches, and a bed. Its centralized location means many houses are within a quick walk's distance, and provide a good source of cloth, food, and firewood. It should be noted that outside the garage bears, wolves, and moose can sometimes patrol so caution is advised when exiting the building. In Stalker, this can be a real danger as most of the time a wolf will attack you on sight. If you do not kill some wolves, you will eventually find yourself locked inside the garage with three to four wolves surrounding the building. Once you kill all the wolves in the area, however, the garage is a good safe house as they won't spawn until a few days have gone.

Possible supplies[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During an aurora, the lights inside and outside of the garage flicker.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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