For advanced players. A challenging, vast mountain wilderness region with a few key shelters, originally settled by hardy homesteaders.
- In game description

Pleasant Valley is one of the central regions in The Long Dark.

The region connects to Timberwolf Mountain via a rope climb near Prepper's Abandoned Cache on the northeastern edge of the map. At the southeastern edge, a path travels through Cinder Hills Coal Mine to the Coastal Highway region. On the southwestern edge, a somewhat hidden path west of Cascading Falls leads to the Mystery Lake region through Winding River and Carter Hydro Dam.


Pleasant Valley is the third and largest region added to the game. The valley has few shelters, so gameplay focuses on surviving the elements, living off the land, and navigating by natural and man-made structures.

Frequent blizzards, wind storms, and very low temperatures pose a major hazard. Though weather can be unpredictable, frequent snowstorms and brutal winds often begin during the evening and can continue well into the following afternoon. Players should be prepared to take advantage of good weather and to take cover when a storm is on the way.

Finding quality shelter from high winds and low temperatures can be difficult with low visibilty from snow or fog. Additionally, the hilly landscape can be disorienting, causing the player to quickly become lost and exhausted if no landmarks are in sight. Limited visibility also makes it easier to stumble into the paths of aggressive wildlife.

Players must time expeditions carefully and prepare for sudden changes in the weather. Keep an eye out for landmarks to help navigate through the hills and trees, and, of course, beware aggressive bears, moose, and wolves that may wait just around the corner.


Two central indoor shelters serve as good primary bases:

A large barn (in the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings area) is located around the center of the map. The Outbuildings area also contains a few abandoned vehicles, hay trailers, dilapidated sheds, and tractors scattered around the perimeter.

The barn is good location to set up base, as it possesses several valuable utilities such as a fire barrel, a work bench, lots of storage, a central location, and a bed (it is possible to sleep inside the truck cab by selecting the bedroll in the quick menu).

Located about five minutes west of the barn is Pleasant Valley Farmstead (walking through the hay bale field). This location, like the barn, has a few vehicles scattered around the perimeter. The vehicles may contain some miscellaneous supplies and can offer temporary shelter from weather or roaming predators. The farmstead is also a great location for a base. Like the barn, it possesses key resources, including a stove and a fireplace; several beds with different warmth values; lots of storage; a work bench (accessed through the cellar door outside); an enclosed patio for observing the weather conditions, storing food, and watching for predators; and a large amount of loot. It is also located centrally, and deer and rabbits may roam near by (although, so do many predators). The farmstead is also fairly close to the outbuildings and Signal Hill, another useful indoor shelter.

See Locations for other potential bases, camps, and landmarks.

Locations Edit

There are many accessible locations within Pleasant Valley including:

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the largest of the four maps, it has the second least number of buildings.
  • Pleasant Valley is currently the only map that hay trailers appear on.


Maps Edit

Locations Edit

  • A view showing the expansive Pleasant Valley. Pleasant Valley outbuildings can be seen in the distance.
  • A snow-covered Tractor in Pleasant Valley.
  • Go to Pensive Pond
  • Go to Picnic Spot
  • Go to Rural Crossroads
  • Go to Cascading Falls
  • Go to Lower Falls
  • Go to Skeeter's Ridge
  • Go to Pleasant Valley Outbuildings
  • Go to Pleasant Valley Farmstead
  • Go to Heartbreak Bridge
  • Go to Contemplation Bridge
  • Go to Derelict Cabins
  • Go to End of the Road
  • Go to Draft Dodger's Cabin
  • Go to Signal Hill
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