A bottle of Painkillers. Take it to reduce pain from injuries.
In-game description

Painkillers are used to help treat pain from injuries in The Long Dark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Painkillers are most commonly found in first aid kits and medicine cabinets, but they can also be found lying around or randomly inside any container. They usually comes in groups of 6 pills, however more or fewer can be found. They always come in multiples of 2.

One dose consists of 2 pills. A single pill cannot be used. Therefore, they must be carried in multiples of 2. The effect of painkillers is not generalized throughout the body; each dose of painkillers will only treat one injury (e.g., an sprained wrist and sprained ankle will each take a dose to treat.the pain from the given injury).

Painkillers cannot be obtained from crafting; however, rose hip tea serves the same purpose and is made from natural materials. Note that painkillers can be found on rare occasions in Coastal Highway or Desolation Point by beach-combing, but the spawning of these and other beach-comb-able items is random.

The exact medication contained in bottles of painkillers in The Long Dark is not definitive. The "Rx" on the faded label suggests it is prescription-strength, however.

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