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A bottle of Painkillers. Take it to reduce pain from injuries.
In-game description

Painkillers are an artificial medical item used to treat Afflictions in The Long Dark.


Painkillers are commonly found inside of first aid kits and medicine cabinets, but may be found indoors, outside (usually at campfires or near Frozen Corpses) or in containers. They are usually found in groups of 6 pills, though more or less may be found; they are always found in multiples of 2.

Painkillers are used to treat the following Afflictions:

One dose of Painkillers consists of 2 Painkiller pills. A single pill cannot be used, therefore they should be carried in multiples of 2.

The effect of painkillers is not generalized throughout the body, and each dose will only treat one injury, and should be applied to the injuring requiring them as treatment (e.g. "Pain" from a Sprained Wrist and Sprained Ankle will display as two instances of Pain, and each requires one dose to treat the pain from the given injury).


  • Pain has minimal effect on gameplay (aside from blurry vision) with it's only limitation being an inability to read Research Books while afflicted, and since Pain will subsides automatically with time, treating Pain is not generally a concern. This generally makes treating Pain usually a wasteful decision, since this requires the weight of carrying Painkillers and since they are also required to treat Broken Ribs or accelerate the healing of Burns.
  • Painkillers cannot be crafted and Rose Hips do not regrow; however both Painkillers and Rose Hips are renewable via Beachcombing.
  • The condition of Painkillers decays slowly over time (based on Survival Mode). Upon reaching 0% Condition, they become unusable and will disappear if inside of a container.