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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Orca Gas Station is a location just outside Milton in the Mountain Town region. The gas station lies at a junction outside Milton, with one road leading up to Milton Park, one to the town itself, and the last leading past the Wood Lot to the Tunnel Collapse.

There are two doors into the gas station shop. Both are locked in some Survival mode difficulties, but the door can be forced open with a prybar. In Story mode, they are not locked and entering the building will introduce you to Methuselah.

Inside of the building there is a reasonable supply of food, tools, and clothes, as well as a bed and a computer that becomes active during the aurora.

Base of operations[edit | edit source]

This could be a suitable home base in the area; even with the constant threat of predators Mountain Town is notorious for, this location is comfortably away from wolf patrols that center around the middle of town. However, players should beware of wolves patrolling outside in the Wood Lot.

Inside the gas station, the player can find a bed and fire barrel, potable water, several containers, processed food items, and lots of breakable wood/metal.

Additionally, there is a rabbit grove nearby (in the Milton Park area), with the occasional deer passing through, and the building is reasonably close to the climbing rope area that will take you out of Milton.

Wintermute / Story mode[edit | edit source]

The Grey Mother will suggest that Will Mackenzie raid the gas station for supplies, to which he objects (in case any Milton residents might return to town after a failed attempt to find help). Although there is an implied moral dilemma, there is no penalty for taking supplies in the Episodes released as of May 2018. If the player does not raid the gas station for this quest (it can be raided before or after the quest is active without acknowledgement in Story mode), Grey Mother will say that she misjudged Will; if the player does steal supplies, she will say he "might have what is needed to survive this winter."

The gas station also serves as a prime example of the already dire situation of the people of Great Bear prior to the First Flare. Gas prices appear to have been extremely high, and, ultimately, gasoline seems to have run out entirely based on the red X's on the gas station sign. Comments from characters and notes/signs throughout the store and other buildings in town (mostly in Story mode) also suggest cash had been depleted and that even staples such as milk were hard to come by. The island seem to have suffered some of the worst effects of the wider economic crisis in The Long Dark universe.

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