A need is something that must be satisfied for a player to survive. Failure to meet needs will drain condition, weakening the player all the way to the point of death if not properly handled.


Four major needs exist, referenced on the status overlay as four white bars. Satisfaction of a need fills its respective bar. Arrows beside the bar indicate the direction and rate of progression; the more arrows in one direction, the faster the movement in that direction is.

As needs deteriorate past hash tags on their bar, the description to the right of the bar changes. This change is also signaled by the brief display of the corresponding icon on the main HUD in the bottom left corner. When a need has emptied, its icon turns red and remains on the HUD screen. Each stage of decay may be accompanied by complaints from the player character or relevant physiological system (e.g., a grumbling stomach as the hunger meter depletes).

Warmth Fatigue Hunger Thirst
Warm Rested Full Slaked
Chilled Winded Peckish Dry-mouth
Cold Tired Hungry Thirsty
Numb Drained Ravenous Parched
Freezing Exhausted Starving Dehydrated

Warmth Edit

Fire heat icon

Warmth is a measure of the temperatures the player is exposed to. The player's warmth drains when the temperature the character experiences dips below 0°C (32°F) and is regained when it is above. Exposure to the elements is the main reason for loss of warmth and can be countered by staying indoors, having good clothing, being near a fire, and by consuming certain hot foods and drinks. Warmth will also deplete instantly if you come into contact with freezing water. When warmth is depleted, condition starts to steadily drop and can kill within a few game hours. This makes warmth the most critical need to satisfy.

Warmth is satisfied by maintaining a feels like temperature above freezing (0°C or 32°F) over time. Hot foods or drinks such as recently cooked or warmed up pork and beans or herbal tea will also decrease your cold by 20% as well as apply the warming up affliction. Warmth drains in cold areas - the colder it is, the faster it will drain. The drain rate is accelerated by wet or freezing clothes, and, as mentioned, is completely drained after the player falls into freezing water. Visually, warmth in the environment is represented by rising steam (as from boiling water) and icicles on cliffs, which may hint at a nearby cave.

When the warmth bar is empty (a status called 'freezing'), condition begins to drain rapidly. The rate of drain is constant regardless of how far below freezing the character is feeling. Even 1° below freezing is enough to maintain rate at -20% condition each hour. 'Feels like' temperature must be brought above 0°C (32°F) to end this, and higher temperatures restore warmth faster. The affliction hypothermia will set in after 2 hours of freezing, doubling the rate to -40% per hour. Surviving more than 3 hours freezing is unlikely.

Fatigue Edit

Fatigue icon

Fatigue is the measure of how tired the character is. Fatigue constantly drains but can be replenished by sleeping or by using certain items. As the character tires, Fatigue begins to affect the ability to move, aim weapons, and struggle. When completely depleted, fatigue will begin to lower the player's condition.

Fatigue is satisfied by sleep or by drinking cups of coffee. It drains based on activity level, types of actions performed, and weight. Using an emergency stim will completely restore fatigue for a brief period, but fatigue will drop to zero once the effect wears off.

When fatigue falls below 'tired', the player's recommended weight capacity will rapidly diminish from 30kg down to 15kg (or 66lb down to 33lb). When the fatigue bar is empty, condition begins to drain. The rate of drain is fixed at 1% per hour.

Hunger Edit

Calorie icon

Hunger is a measure of how many calories the player consumes and expends. The character's hunger is restored by consuming calories, which come in the form of foods and drinks. The character will begin to lose condition when their hunger is completely depleted.

When no more calories are in the calorie store, condition drains at a rate of 1% each hour. Dying of starvation will therefore take a little while and, if starting from 100% condition, will require more than 4 game days. Living without eating food every day is a game strategy known as Hibernation.

Thirst Edit

Hydration icon

Thirst is a measure of how many liquids the player consumes and expends. Despite being surrounded by snow, liquids can be difficult to acquire and are particularly heavy. The thirst need is fulfilled by consuming water or particular foods and drinks (e.g., tins of sardines or Reishi tea). Failing to fill this need will result in steady condition loss.

When no more water is in the thirst bar, condition drains at a rate of 50% each day (approximately 2% per hour).

Dying of thirst will take 2 days when starting with 100% condition, which is half the time it would take to die from starvation. Most tasks can be performed while dehydrated, so a player can opt to only quench the thirst need before a restorative sleep as a strategy to conserve water.

Primary ConditionStaminaEncumbrance
Needs WarmthFatigueHungerThirst