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For the location, see Mystery Lake (location).
Ideal for new players. A balance between wilderness and man-made shelters, resources, and wildlife.
- In game description

Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in Survival mode. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam. A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation.

The region connects to Forlorn Muskeg on the southern end of the railroad and to Mountain Town in the southwest via a cave near the Trapper's Homestead. The railroad leads into the Ravine at the northeast edge of the map and continues into the Coastal Highway region. The Carter Hydro Dam near the northeast end of the railroad provides a transition to the Pleasant Valley region.


Mystery Lake has four main entrances.

The Ravine entrance can be found near Carter Hydro Dam and is commonly used for traveling to and from the Coastal Highway. The entrance to the Winding River transition zone can be reached by traveling through Carter Hydro Dam; the transition zone can be used to access Pleasant Valley. The Rail Tunnel entrance can be used to reach Forlorn Muskeg, and a cave near the Trapper's Homestead connects to a rope climbing recreation area of the Mountain Town region.


There are many accessible locations within Mystery Lake including: