Heavy-duty rope designed for climbing.
In-game description

Mountaineering rope is a tool used for climbing cliff faces.

Overview Edit

The mountaineering rope is used in conjunction with the rope climbing gameplay mechanic to allow the player to ascend and descend vertical cliffs. The rope must be attached to a certain type of rock feature at the top of a climbable cliff before the climb can be made. While important for taversing mountainous terrain in some regions and caves, using mountaineering ropes can quickly exhaust the player, possibly leading to injury or death from a fall or trapping the player on an inhospitable cliff side.

Locating Edit

Many ropes are already deployed from rocks over climbable cliffs, but these can be removed and deployed from other cliffs instead. Undeployed ropes can be found on Timberwolf Mountain inside the Mountaineer's Hut, in a cave just below the summit, and by breaking a crate in the Tail Section. Version 0.321 expanded rope use to other maps and added additional spawn locations. In Mountain Town, a rope will always spawn in the barn of Paradise Meadows Farm. There is a chance that one will spawn by Matt's Truck in Desolation Point; at the Destroyed Lookout in the Mystery Lake region; in the Maintenance Shed in Broken Railroad; or in the Fishing Camp, the Abandoned Lookout, or even in an Ice Fishing Hut in Coastal Highway. Another rope may spawn in the train crash near the Ravine, which is convenient if the player then deploys the rope from the nearby rock to descend to the area below, where a distress pistol typically spawns.

Game history Edit

  • The mountaineering rope was added on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298.

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