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Years on a working farm in a remote corner of Great Bear Island have left their mark on Molly. She’s plain-spoken, often blunt -- she sees the world for what it is. There are no illusions inhabiting Molly’s life and she likes it that way.

Other than the farm and regular subsistence hunting, simple pleasures -- tea and the wanderings of her own imagination -- keep Molly occupied.
In-game description

Molly is the first non-player character encountered in Episode 3 of the story. She lives in the Pleasant Valley Farmstead.


Episode 3 begins with a cutscene of from Molly's point of view, where she finds Astrid almost dead in the snow. Molly carries Astrid back to her home, the Pleasant Valley Farmstead. Molly leaves to go hunting, and returns with meat some time later. After a tense conversation with Astrid, Molly storms out but does not return again. She later calls Astrid on the telephone to ask for help fighting off timberwolves that have cornered her and again later to offer assistance and briefly discuss a personal secret. A prisoner Molly killed is located outside Signal Hill.


Much about Molly's background is unknown besides that she has seemingly been on Great Bear island for most of her life and resents the fact that she hasn't done more with her life. Aside from this we know that Molly has recently lost her husband to "wolves", although Molly admits she allowed it to happen. Afterwards she stored the body in her basement for unknown reasons. The bitter tone Molly uses when discussing her husband and her apparent lack of remorse may allude to possible domestic abuse going on before hand. This may be the reason why Molly is hunting down the group of male prisoners that escaped during The Collapse as she may have grown a dislike towards men in general saying "They're all going to pay now, Astrid." Molly also asks Astrid if Mackenzie is "One of the good ones" and when told that he is Molly says "Then I hope to never meet him." Whatever happened to Molly before she met Astrid left her with a dim outlook on the world and Molly often questions why Astrid chooses to help the survivors.