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For the region in which Milton is set, see Mountain Town.
The end of Milton's story is a sad one. Too many people lost, after already too much suffering.

Milton is a major location in Episode 1 of The Long Dark's Story Mode. It is a small, largely abandoned town nestled in the mountains of Great Bear Island. The location name of the game map is "Town of milton".


Milton was founded in 1911 to support the initially booming coal industry in the surrounding mountains. The town was originally built along a supply route from the coast to the interior of Great Bear Island, with the road replaced by a paved highway in 1960. The location of the town, halfway between Port Mary and the mountains in the interior of Great Bear, made it a convenient stopping-off point for fuel and supplies for workers in the mining, logging, and milling industries, as well as campers from Mainland Canada.[1]

The town's economy boomed in the 1980s, with the population reaching around 1000 people, but the construction of the Great Bear Highway (Highway 15) meant fewer people traveling through Milton, and ultimately lead to the decline of the importance of Milton. In the 2000s the population was little more than 100 or so.[1]

Following The Collapse, even fewer travelers or industrial workers visited Great Bear, and eventually the population fell to only a dozen or so - stalwarts and old-timers, with deep roots in Milton. Soon, Milton became a ghost town.[1]

Notable Locations[]

In addition to several houses within the town, the Mountain Town region contains multiple named locations.

Town of Milton[]

Milton Outskirts[]

Current and Former Residents[]



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