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The signs were there, for those willing to see them. This has all happened before. Soon we'll all be tested. We'll all have to choose how far we'll go to survive. Big change is coming. Are you ready to face it?
-Methuselah talking to Will

Methuselah is a character in Episode 1 and Episode 2, who is found sitting by a fire in the Orca Gas Station in Mountain Town. He explains to the player that the world is changing, and that human acts of neglect towards nature are being repaid by the onset of the Quiet Apocalypse. He also tells Will that people will be forced to go to extreme measures to survive. The player next encounters Methuselah later Episode 1. He is found near a campfire outside on the pathway that lead to Mystery Lake. In Episode 2, after the bear attack, Methuselah explains more about the changing world and about the effect of the Aurora on the animals and electrical equipment. The last encounter in Episode 2 occurs outside the Carter Hydro Dam, where Methuselah provides a cryptic hint about accessing the dam's lower levels.

Voice acting[edit | edit source]

Methuselah was voiced by Gord Marriott in the initial version of Wintermute, who also provides the voice for Mathis, but was voiced by Richard Newman in the Redux version.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Methuselah is the only NPC to be encountered in more than one location (excluding cutscenes), and also the only one to be featured in two different episodes. 
  • Methuselah is the name of a biblical patriarch , known for being the one who lived the longest out of anyone in the Bible: 969 years. Hence, the name has been associated with longevity and referenced extensively in culture. 

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