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Mending is a survival skill that is used to repair equipment, such as clothing. There are many different types of clothing in The Long Dark, each providing a different warmth bonus. Mending also has a large variety of training options relative to most other skills due to the number of types of clothing that can be repaired.

How to repair clothing[]

Mending is the skill used to repair clothing and bedrolls in The Long Dark; as the player successfully repairs items, their skill in mending increases. To repair clothing requires a sewing kit or fishing tackle, resources the item is made out of (e.g. cloth), and sufficient light (daylight, moonlight, artificial lighting or an active fire or storm lantern.

To repair a piece of clothing select the item the backpack or the worn clothing menu. Then select "Actions" and "Repair"; the required resources, time required and amount repaired if successful will be displayed. Higher Mending skill decreases the time required to mend and increases the condition restored.

Failing to repair results in the materials used in the repair to be wasted, but causes no additional condition loss to the item. Repairing clothing successfully or failing causing condition loss to the Sewing Kit/Fishing Tackle used.


A tool is required to repairing clothing.

Sewing Kit icon.png Sewing Kit
Fishing Tackle icon.png Fishing Tackle

Sewing kits can be found by looting. Fishing Tackle can be found or crafted from Hook and Line. Fishing Tackle is 100% slower (twice as long) to repair with as sewing kits.

Repair materials[]

Image Item Method
Cloth icon.png Cloth Cloth is found by looting, harvesting cloth items (clothing, bedrolls, pillows, curtains), breaking down certain furniture (e.g comfy chair) and beachcombing.
Leather icon.png Leather Cured leather is found by looting, harvesting leather clothing and beachcombing. It is unrelated to the leather obtained from animal hides in the game.
Gut icon.png Gut Gut are harvested or quartered from animal carcass.
Rabbit Pelt icon.png Rabbit Pelt Rabbit pelts are harvested from rabbit carcasses.
Deer Hide icon.png Deer Hide Deer hides are harvested from deer carcasses.
Wolf Pelt icon.png Wolf Pelt Wolf pelts are harvested from wolf or timberwolf carcasses.
Black Bear Hide icon.png Black Bear Hide Black bear hides are harvested from bear carcasses.
Moose Hide icon.png Moose Hide Moose hides are harvested from moose carcasses.

Note: Fresh Animal hides must be cured before they can be used in crafting/repair. Hides are cured by dropping/placing them indoors (e.g. inside of a house) or sufficiently deep cave. If a hide is curing, it will display "X% cured", which will increase over time. Hides do not cure inside of containers or in the player's inventory.

Skill levels[]

Mending skill is increased by successfully repairing an article of clothing (1 point), or finishing a research book "Sewing Primer" (10 points, for 5 hours of reading).

Once enough skill points are achieved a new skill level is reached, unlock the effects described in the table below.

Level Skill points Effects
1 0
  • Basic mending skill
  • 50% chance of successful repair
2 25
  • 65% chance of successful repair
  • Repair time decreased by 10%
3 75
  • 75% chance of successful repair
  • Repair time decreased by 15%
  • 10% greater item condition increase
4 150
  • 85% chance of successful repair
  • Repair time decreased by 25%
  • 15% greater item condition increase
  • 25% reduction of Sewing kit wear
5 350
  • 100% chance of successful repair
  • Repair time decreased by 40%
  • 25% greater item condition increase
  • 35% reduction of Sewing kit wear