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A hardened criminal and convict with grand ideas about his place in the world, Mathis has a lot to say. But he turns to his fists to get his point across whenever he feels like it -- even to his detriment if someone crosses him or fails him.

Mathis likes to present himself as a leader of men, but only to cowards, or the kind of people who don’t mind seeing him for the evil bastard he really is.
In-game description

Mathis is a character encountered at the end of Episode 2: Luminance Fugue, as well as being the principal antagonist of Episode 4: Fury, then Silence.


Mathis is one of the Convicts which appears in the final cutscene of Episode 2: Luminance Fugue.

As Will Mackenzie is traveling through the ruined Carter Hydro Dam, he is rendered unconscious by Mathis from a blow to the head.

When Will wakes, he is bound to a chair with Mathis punching and interrogating him over the contents of Astrid's locked case. Will tells Mathis he doesn't know what the case's contents are, or how to open it, Mathis threatens Will and strikes him across the face with a Hatchet.

Later, Mathis and two of his thugs carry Will on a litter towards the Blackrock Federal Penitentiary with his hands tied together. However, on the way there, they are attacked by a pack of timberwolves. In the melee that ensues, Will falls off the litter and escapes by jumping into a ravine.


Mathis wears a sheepskin flying jacket over an orange prison uniform. His hair is short, greying brown and brushed back.


  • Mathis's name is listed as "Mathis, D". on the Prison Transport Manifest found on the Prison Transport Bus in Episode 1.
  • Mathis was originally convicted of murder and sentenced to 10 years at Blackrock Prison. He was released after 7 years on parole, per Franklin.
  • Most of Mathis' lines about women are ambiguous: Will Mackenzie interprets to mean Astrid, however in Episode 3 many dead prisoners can be found killed by arrows which Molly confesses to, especially near the Pleasant Valley entrance to the Carter Dam; this could make Mathis' lines an unintentional double entendre with Mathis instead talking about Molly.
  • Mathis' gang at Blackrock Prison consists of himself, Heller, Vachon, and several unnamed thugs that only appear in the initial and final cutscenes.