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A locked metal case is a thing of the old world, stranger. It's a world of closed doors and things being off limits.

Yeah, see I was part of that world. But that world's over. This is my world now. And in my world, I make the rules.
-Mathis talking to Will

Mathis is a character encountered at the end of Episode 2: Luminance Fugue. His name appears as "Mathis, D". on the Prison Transport Manifest found on the Prison Transport Bus in Episode 1.


Mathis appears in the final cutscene of Episode 2: Luminance Fugue.

As Will Mackenzie is traveling through the ruined Carter Hydro Dam, he is rendered unconscious by Mathis from a blow to the head.

When Will wakes, he is bound to a chair with Mathis punching and interrogating him over the contents of Astrid's locked case. Will tells Mathis he doesn't know what the case's contents are, or how to open it, Mathis threatens Will and strikes him across the face with a Hatchet.

From Mathis' hostility and violence towards Will at the end of Episode 2, it is implied he will play an antagonist role in a future episode of Wintermute.


Mathis wears a sheepskin flying jacket over an orange prison uniform. His hair is short, greying brown and brushed back.

Voice acting[]

Mathis is voiced by Gord Marriott.


  • It is unknown what crime Mathis committed to be sent to Blackrock Penitentiary, or what his sentence was.
  • It is suggested Mathis has a history of violence against women, from his line "she didn't look so pretty when I was done".
  • Most of Mathis' lines about women are ambiguous: Will Mackenzie interprets to mean Astrid, however in Episode 3 many dead prisoners can be found killed by arrows which Molly confesses to, especially near the Pleasant Valley entrance to the Carter Dam; this could make Mathis' lines an unintentional double entendre with Mathis instead talking about Molly.