Great bear island map

A sketch containing a large portion of Great Bear Island which is included with the map

The map is an interface showing a region of Great Bear Island. On the map are geographic features, as well as information icons for specific locations or buildings.


The map is useful for navigating and displays important features in the areas the player has visited. The map does not label the position of the player, so determining where the player is may require comparing the surroundings to the features on the map. The map also contains a sketch which lays out the positions of all of the regions relative to each other, as well as some of the transition zones.

Survival Mode Edit

In Survival mode, the map starts out blank for each region. The map can be gradually filled in by surveying an area with charcoal. Both the map and charcoal can be easily accessed through the "navigation" section of the radial menu.


Mapping radial2

The navigation radial options

Selecting the charcoal will equip it, and after this, clicking will survey the surrounding area. The area mapped will always have the same radius and it is not possible to increase the radius by standing in an area with good visibility, such as on a hill. However, if the player is adjacent to a cliff, the area mapped will stop at the cliff face. This is true both if the player is surveying from the top of the cliff, or the bottom. Although the map does not label the position of the player, surveying an area will put the players position in the center of the circle added to the map, from which it can be easily determined where the player is located.

Map mechanic3

A partially explored map

Surveying can only be done during the daytime while the weather is clear. Surveying can not be done during an aurora despite the brilliant lights illuminating the landscape.

The passage of time is accelerated while surveying. A player's empty stamina bar can be completely refilled by surveying an area. It is necessary to survey many times in order to completely map out a region, and it is more efficient to only survey areas of interest.

Display Edit

The map will display most important buildings with unique icons and also include the title of named locations. The map will also display the following with icons:

Story Mode Edit

In story mode, it is not possible to survey an area. Likewise, charcoal does not exist in story mode. Instead, the map is given to the player with the regions in the current episode fully mapped out.