A magnifying lens that can be used to start a fire during daylight.
In-game description

A Magnifying Lens is a tool used to start fires. It does not suffer decay with use and is therefore the only fully "infinite" firestarting tool. However, it requires direct sunlight to have any effect and so can only be used in limited circumstances.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Magnifying Lenses are reusable tools which can be used to start fires during daylight, when outside, and during completely clear weather. The probability of igniting a fire with a magnifying lens is increased by 5% over the base chance. It weighs 0.10 kilograms.

  • Magnifying Lenses do not suffer durability damage on use like Firestrikers, and are not consumable like matches, making them the only sustainable source for starting fires (and in turn, food and water).
  • Magnifying Lenses are rare and usually hidden atop top or underneath shelves, beds, racks, inside cars, or in other niches.
  • The Magnifying Lens cannot be crafted, harvested, or repaired. Its condition does not degrade over time or on use, except during a bear attack.
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