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Lonely Lighthouse is a location in Desolation Point.


The Lonely Lighthouse is a red-striped white tower that both provides visibility of surrounding landscapes and serves as an easily spotted landmark.

The tower can also be a suitable safe house for the player, as it has a bed and a pot belly stove. However, it contains no workbench, and renewable food and fuel sources are not easy to access. As well, wolves frequently spawn near the intersection of the road leading to the lighthouse from the main highway, making entering or leaving difficult.

The lighthouse is accessible from the road by crossing two wooden footbridges, which lead to the small, jagged island on which the lighthouse rests. The little island may feature some medicinal plants, but the base and surounding areas are mostly barren and are often patrolled by wolves. A frozen corpse may be found on a nearby cliff face, and a decent amount of supplies can be looted from inside the lighthouse.

The frozen harbour area to the east features little of note except several rowboats on the shore, which may contain loot within or near them. The area around the boats is also patrolled by one or two wolves and sometimes deer and/or their carcasses can be seen to the west.


The Lighthouse has four floors and a catwalk. The ground floor is a small room with a decent amount of storage, a computer, and a pot belly stove. There is a bed on the second floor, and a radio. The third floor includes three lockers, a metal container, and some wooden boxes and pallets. The fourth floor provides access to the roof hatch, as well as containing the drive mechanism(uninteractable, but mentioned in a buffer memory on the computer downstairs). The top part of the lighthouse consists of the lantern room and surrounding metal catwalk (called a gallery).

The top is considered outside, and the player will go through a loading screen whenever passing through the hatch. The lamp in the lantern room is not interactable, but will light up during an aurora, providing an enormous amount of light and illuminating everything in a radius as far as The Riken

Depending on the difficulty, you might be able to smell a stinky foot, and on the catwalk you may find a few rifle rounds, and, in clear weather, you get an outstanding view of the road, the surrounding sea, Abandoned Mine No. 5, part of the Stone Church and Hibernia Processing.