The Logging Camp is a collection of several small trailers, presumably to shelter the loggers who once worked in the nearby Clearcut in Mystery Lake.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The camp consists of three small, temporary prefabricated trailer structures and a ruined building.

There is a possible starting point on a hill south of the camp, near the cut trees.

Valuable supplies can be scavenged from inside the camp, including warm clothes, food, many items that can be scrapped for cloth, and a storm lantern. All the trailers have bunk beds. The ruined building may have a hatchet, a frozen corpse, firewood, and a wood stove.

The camp may make a fine temporary base, as it has many beds and access to plenty of firewood in the vicinity. However, there is no work bench, and only a small stove is available in the dilapidated building. The player must also be wary of wolves lurking nearby.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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