The Last Resort Cannery is a location in Bleak Inlet, added in the Errant Pilgrim patch. The cannery complex features a renewable source of a few important materials, a special workshop with some unique tools, and a trailer that can be used for shelter.

In addition to its numerous amenities, the cannery also features the first example of an obtacle course "puzzle" in Survival mode, as well as an ample supply of its signature product, and a multiple resident timberwolf packs.

Gatehouse[edit | edit source]


There is a gatehouse with a door along the road in front of the cannery.
It may be a good place for players to fight timberwolves with arms.

Trailer[edit | edit source]

The trailer serves as a useful place to evade timberwolves. It may contain much of the loot typically found in trailers--a few packaged food items, some clothing, crafting materials, tools, etc. The trailer is also the only easily accessed indoor building in the cannery complex, and thus serves as shelter to rest and recover when necessary.

Warehouses[edit | edit source]


The cannery has several dilapidated warehouses surrounding an open work yard and dock area. The yard contains a few vehicles some semitrailers, industrial equipment, and several green wooden crates.

Of the warehouses surrounding the area, two are broken down and mostly open to the outdoors; they provide little shelter from the elements but might contain a few supplies. Another warehouse is situated just off the pier and contains the workshop, but it is difficult to access. The other four warehouses are also more difficult to gain entry to and offer some limited protection from the weather.

One of the warehouses has a room around back (off the wrap-around dock) with a door that can be opened and closed. This room is secure enough to protect the player from timberwolves, though it may be too cold without warm clothing. Inside the room there may be a few supplies, as well as a fire barrel and a bed.

Workshop[edit | edit source]

Locked door

The Cannery workshop is the only location on Great Bear Island that contains an ammunition workbench and a milling machine.

The workshop is challenging to reach: it is accessed via an obstacle course that starts with climbing the rope located in one of the warehouses on the opposite side of the entrance.

If you follow the linear course all the way through, you will reach the workshop. There is only one path to take, with no major side or alternate paths, and there is only one method to enter the course path. Essentially the only "obstacle" in the course is climbing the rope to start it. Balancing on the beams and rafters throughout the course is fairly easy. However, note the course winds through the complex and does not allow the player to backtrack after passing certain points.

After completing the course, the player can enter the pier warehouse's outer entryway. The way into the workshop is initially blocked by a locked door. The door can only be unlocked using the electronic keypad beside it, which requires a 3-digit code and electricity.

The workshop cannot be accessed through any alternate path, and the key-code cannot be guessed through trial and error. The player must read the Communication Report letter that is inside the Echo One Radio Tower in Bleak Inlet. You do not need to take the report, but the player character must have seen the code document at least once.

The first time, the player will only be able to enter the workshop during an aurora when the electronic keypad is active and the code can be entered to unlock the door. 


Once door is unlocked, entrance to the workshop remains unlocked.

Whenever the player passes through the workshop's door, there is a random chance of encountering a wolf. Once the wolf is dealt with, either by killing said wolf or by leaving and entering until the wolf isn't in the workshop, the player will be able to access the milling machine and the ammunition workbench. As the aurora appears frequently in this region, use caution around the live wires scattered about.

Dangers[edit | edit source]


The Cannery is usually guarded by one or two packs of timberwolves. Extreme caution should be used when nearing the facility complex as the number of timberwolves present could easily overwhelm the player.

Before venturing into the open outdoors in the area, it is advisable to drop any gear that isn't essential, especially before attempting to reach the workshop. The player will have to climb a rope to get away from the timberwolves and get started on the obstacle course. Because you can't climb while encumbered, you will need to be unencumbered to reach the catwalks that make up the first part of the course.

Attempting to start the course unprepared will required the player to drop items at the base of the rope while being circled by timberwolves or abort the attempt to reach the workshop. Failing to drop items to become unencumbered could result in death if the player has no means to escape or drive off the timberwolves.

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