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A common freshwater fish. Small, but plentiful.
In-game description
Cooked whitefish. A bit tasteless, but better than nothing.
In-game description

Lake Whitefish is a food item in The Long Dark.


Lake Whitefish are small freshwater fish found commonly in lakes and ponds. They can be caught by Ice Fishing using fishing tackle. Lake Whitefish can be between 1.5 and 2.3 kg raw.

At 0% condition food disappears if inside of a container, but not outside of containers or in the player's inventory.


Cooking Whitefish takes 20+ minutes and is be obtained by using a lit fire. Cooking increases it's condition by 50%, decays 4 times slower than raw meat, and has a reduces chance of food poisoning over raw meat, but decreasing it's weight by 35%. Cooked whitefish's energy density is 385 calories-per-kilogram. Cooking fish also yields a small amount of Lantern Fuel.

Cooking whitefish improves the cooking skill. Using a Cooking Pot reduces cooking time by 25%. Cooking food for too long will burn it. Destroying the item and damaging a Cooking Pot if used.