An old metal jerry can containing fuel for oil lamps.
In-game description

Overview[edit | edit source]

A jerry can is a large container that can hold up to 4 liters of kerosene.

Unlike cans of lantern fuel, jerry cans are neither destroyed nor spontaneously generated. They can only be found in the world, and an empty jerry can remain in the player's inventory after its contents have been used up.

A jerry can in the player's inventory will collect any lantern fuel created from cooking fish (if the can is not full), preventing the spontaneous generation of a bottle of lantern fuel. It will also collect kerosene from harvesting a storm lantern.

Jerry cans are noticeably more efficient per kilogram than lantern fuel, weighing only 0.4 kg per 0.5 liters collected, while lantern fuel weighs 0.5 kg per 0.5 liters collected.

Refueling a lantern with both a jerry can and lantern fuel in the player's inventory will use the jerry can first. Therefore it is best to drop the jerry can before refueling so the lantern fuel is used first.

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