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A superior quality hunting knife. A gift from Jeremiah
In-game description

Jeremiah's Knife was a tool in pre-redux Wintermute from Episode 2.


Jeremiah's knife functions identically to a hunting knife: a self-defense tool, harvesting animal carcasses, cloth from curtains/pillows, tinder from cardboard, breaking ice for fishing, and crafting at a work bench.

It was removed during the 'redux' of Wintermute: Episodes 1 and 2, and is now unobtainable but present in the game files.


Jeremiah's knife can be repaired with a whetstone and the bladed tool maintenance skill. However, whetstones cannot be repaired and lose 5% condition per repair (20 uses total), restoring 3% condition to the knife.


Jeremiah's knife cannot be equipped, but may be selected to defend oneself at the start of a wolf struggle, causing it some condition damage.