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A tough old trapper and hermit. Lives alone in the wilderness of Mystery Lake. Doesn't seem to like people much.
In-game description

Jeremiah is the primary non-player character in Episode 2: Luminance Fugue of the story mode.

At the end of Wintermute: Episode 1, Will Mackenzie enters Mystery Lake to encounter Jeremiah being disarmed and attacked by The Old Bear. While The Old Bear mauls Jeremiah, Will arms himself with Jeremiah's hunting rifle and shooting The Old Bear, rescuing Jeremiah.

During Episode 2 of Wintermute, Jeremiah regains consciousness to find himself being cared for by Will inside Trapper's Homestead, but is delirious from an infection from the bear attack. To save Jeremiah's life, Will retrieves antibiotics from Carter Hydro Dam, however The Old Bear follows Will, who barely manages to escape. Jeremiah stabilizes but is too ill for travel. He and Will agree to radio Perseverance Mills, however Jeremiah's radio was damaged by The First Flare and requires replacement parts, and The Old Bear is still stalking them both.

Jeremiah relays a tale during Great Bear Island's settling days, of a neigh-invincible "demon bear" and the settler from Forlorn Muskeg who slew it with a Bear Spear. He then details his own efforts to kill the Old Bear they face has survived many of his own efforts to kill it. He suggests Will find this spear to defend himself while collecting the radio parts. Will survives another encounter with The Old Bear, and meets Methuselah again, this time during an active aurora along with aurora wolves. Finding and repairing the Bear Spear, Will defends himself and collects the radio components but before he can escape, he is attacked and mauled by The Old Bear and dragged off to it's cave.

Will awakes inside The Old Bear's cave, kills it, and returns to Jeremiah with the radio components. Jeremiah repairs the radio, reluctantly allowing Will to issue his message first. Will uses the radio to reach Perseverance Mills in search of his ex-wife, but before Jeremiah can send his own message out an aurora begins which overloads and destroys the radio. With no means to contact Perseverance Mills, and Jeremiah still too ill for travel, he insists that Will travel in his stead to deliver the message "Wintermute".


  • The iconic Trapper's Homestead of Mystery Lake seems to be Jeremiah's home, suggesting his profession to be a fur trapper, as well as his fur-based attire.
  • Jeremiah indicates having a military background from conversations about his technical expertise, model of radio and the mysterious relay towers in Forlorn Muskeg; however he refuses to elaborate.
    • Based on his location in a remote island in Canada and his Enfield-style rifle, he may have been a member of the Canadian Rangers, but this can't be confirmed.